Protestors tortured at secret prisons in Nicaragua report hearing Cuban and Venezuelan accents

Wherever there is murderous repression in Latin America, you can expect to find Cuba’s Castro dictatorship involved in some form or another. We have seen how the Castro dictatorship has turned Venezuela into its colony and imposed the same system of brutal repression and tyranny.

We are now seeing the Castros do the same in Nicaragua. Nicaraguan victims tortured by the Ortega dictatorship are reporting hearing Cuban and Venezuelan accents among the torturers and in the secret prisons where they are held.

Sarah Moreno reports in The Miami Herald:

Nicaraguan torture victims say Venezuelan and Cuban accents have been heard in prisons

Zayda Hernández and Víctor Cuadras are some of the Nicaraguan university students risking their lives in mass protests against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.

Their only weapons are their cellphones.

Before the protests started in April by people outraged by the government’s proposed changes to the Social Security system, they were just students at the National Engineering University. Today they are student leaders, visiting Miami to denounce the human rights abuses and social and political crises in their country.

“We are governed by a genocidal couple that has sunk the country under a wave of state terrorism. To join a peaceful protest for them is reason enough to order your death,” Hernández said Thursday at a news conference in Doral organized by SOS Nicaragua Global, a group of Nicaraguans living abroad who support the protesters.


The 25-year-old student also alleged that Cuban and Venezuelan intelligence agents have been active in Nicaragua since Ortega assumed power in 2007.

“Castro copied his recipe for repression and harassment in Venezuela, and now they are doing it in Nicaragua,” Cuadras said. “There are many people who, while being tortured, heard the accents of Venezuela and Cuba in the clandestine prisons.”

Cuadras, whose family supported Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front and whose grandfather was assassinated by the Somoza National Guard in 1978, said Nicaraguans identify with Venezuelans and Cubans.

“I believe Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will manage to be free, so long as the people take to the streets,” said Cuadras, adding that he has received threats on social networks.

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