Senate candidate and Florida Governor Rick Scott makes a campaign stop in Hialeah, vows to continue fight for freedom in Cuba
Gov. Rick Scott in Hialeah. (Photo: Diario Las Americas)

Florida Governor Rick Scott made a stop in Hialeah on Friday in his campaign for the U.S. Senate and vowed to continue fighting against the threats to American national security posed by the Castro dictatorship and for freedom and democracy in Cuba. Unlike other politicos who prefer to look the other way, Scott knows the only way to eliminate the Castro regime’s constant threat against the U.S. is to help promote the democracy and freedom in Cuba that will eliminate their criminal dictatorship.

Via NBC Miami:

Gov. Scott Talks Cuban Freedom at Stop in Hialeah

Gov. Rick Scott was in Hialeah Friday campaigning for the Florida senate seat and reaching out to the South Florida Cuban community, discussing his plan to promote freedom and democracy in Cuba.

“The Cuban exile community in South Florida is an example what is possible if the Cuban people are free to forge a future if liberty and prosperity for their families,” Scott told the crowd at the Goodlet Theater, backed by a group of Cuban exiles.

Scott listed his agenda to the predominantly Cuban audience, saying the senate seat will give him a better platform to achieve his agenda.

“No agent of the Cuban government should be granted any type of visa to the United States under the cover of culture academic exchange. We must reinstate the Cuban government to the list of state sponsors of terrorism,” he said. “As the governor of Florida I’ve had this opportunity to do this. But as a senator I’ll probably have a bigger role as a senator to push this. And I’m going to do it.”

Ray Anthony, a 22-year-old third generation Cuban from West Miami, came to support Scott who is running against incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson in the November midterm election.

“I think it’s so admirable of Gov. Scott who is not of our background shares that deep passion for freedom for democracy,” Anthony said. “Sen. Bill Nelson has done nothing for our community. He’s been there for God knows how many years.”

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  1. Scott? Donna Shalala, who’s 77 and had a stroke, wants Ileana’s seat, like her friend Hillary wanted Obama’s. Because, you know, they’re both so qualified, not to mention entitled. Can’t wait till she does the pastelito number, like Reno did when she wanted to become governor. I’m still insulted she was picked to be president of UM hot on the heels of the Elián debacle, despite being fresh off Vil Clinton’s Cabinet. Well, “those people” are there to be spit on, after all, especially since so many of them take it so well.

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