Cuba’s revised communist constitution will supposedly recognize ‘private property’

Lots of excitement among the mainstream media this morning reporting that revisions being made by the Castro dictatorship to Cuba’s communist constitution will now recognize “private property.”

Reuters breathlessly reports:

Communist-run Cuba will officially recognize private property, something it has long rejected as a vestige of capitalism, under a new constitution that also creates the position of prime minister alongside the president, state media reported on Saturday.

Nevertheless, after nearly six decades of lies, chicanery, and vast corruption by the Castro dictatorship, one would think a little bit of prudence is due. But we all know you can count on the mainstream media to open their mouths wide and swallow the Castro lies hook, line, and sinker.

Naturally, the Reuters article neglects to mention a very important point about this “new” constitution: It also maintains all the power in Cuba concentrated in the Castro dictatorship, which will keep its power to modify or completely negate this new “right” at its whim.

The BBC caught it:

Recognising private property could potentially mean more protections under law for private entrepreneurs – and foreign investors.

But under the proposed reforms the party will remain as Cuba’s dominant political force, the Granma newspaper reports.

What it comes down to is that Cubans will have “private property rights” as long as the Castro dictatorship wants them to have it. If and when it suits them, the rights will be rescinded and the property will be taken away. The “new” constitution gives all the power to the communist party, which is under the complete and total control of the Castro family dictatorship. Ultimately, it is the Castros who decide who has rights and who doesn’t.

In other words, nothing really changes. The same power to control and steal remains in the hands of the same family that has ruthlessly ruled Cuba for more than half a century.

As we always say, the more things change in Cuba, the more they stay the same.

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