Church attacked, dissidents killed in Castro colony of Nicaragua

Blood in the sanctuary

Pro-Castro, pro-Ortega paramilitary thugs laid siege to a church in Managua, riddled it with bullets, and killed at least two of the students who were being protected inside the sanctuary by its clergy.

Several others were wounded.

After some tense negotiations, the survivors were freed and transferred by bus to the cathedral in Managua.

This is a new low in the escalation of violence in Nicaragua.

And it’s also a move taken directly from the Castro Playbook for Crushing All Dissent.

One question keeps gaining significance as events unfold in Nicaragua: why are the Social Justice Warriors so silent?

Thus far, no public outcry, no word from Papa Che.


Bullet holes in the sanctuary

From El Niuyortain (New York Times)

Paramilitary forces backed by Nicaragua’s government killed two people early Saturday during a 12-hour siege on a Managua church where student protesters had sought refuge, a Catholic Church official said, in an episode that underlined the country’s escalating political unrest.

The assault came as the paramilitaries sought to retake the nearby campus of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, which students have occupied for more than two months during nationwide protests demanding democratic reforms and the resignation of President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.

After the siege

About 100 students along with priests and journalists were holed up in the Church of Jesus of the Divine Mercy, enduring hours of gunfire until church mediators secured their release shortly after daybreak, said Cardinal Leopoldo José Brenes Solórzano, the archbishop of Managua, who confirmed the deaths…

… The Inter-American Human Rights Commission said on Wednesday that 264 people had been killed since the protests began and that the violence has intensified since the beginning of this month, particularly after the government began sweeping through towns to dismantle barricades. Thirty-four people had been killed in the previous week alone.

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“Social Justice” bullet hole
Survivors on their way to the cathedral
Plenary Indulgence