Despite ‘reforms,’ a new ‘president,’ and a new ‘constitution,’ Cubans continue to throw themselves into the sea to escape

For the international media, American academia, and the pro-apartheid supporters of the Castro dictatorship, Cuba is an exciting and wonderful place to be right now. Economic “reforms” are making life so much better for Cubans, they say, and with a new “president” and a new “constitution,” the future has never looked so bright for Cuba.

Yet Cubans — who are the ones living under the “reforms” and the new “president” and the new “constitution” — continue to throw themselves into the sea to escape the apartheid Castro dictatorship.

Via Latin American Herald Tribune:

The US Coast Guard said on Friday that it had repatriated 28 Cuban immigrants who were attempting to reach the country by sea, but were intercepted during an operation carried out in the Florida Straits.

The 28 Cubans (20 men, seven women and one child) were travelling aboard a 26-foot (8-m) rustic vessel and were intercepted north of Havana, the Coast Guard said in a statement.

They were all repatriated on Friday to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba.

Some of these Cubans who are actually willing to risk their lives and battle man-eating sharks to escape the socialist paradise of Cuba actually made it to Key West, a rare occurrence these days. They are usually caught in transit or drown in the Florida Straits.

Via Newsmax:

Six Cuban men aboard a blue, wooden boat landed on the beach Whale Harbor in the Upper Florida Keys on Friday.

The men, who were all said to be in good health, told authorities they left Matanzas, Cuba about four days earlier, The Miami Herald reports.

They will likely be processed by the U.S. Border Patrol and sent back to Cuba by the Coast Guard, the newspaper said.

Once again, more proof that the more things “change” in Cuba, the more they stay the same.