Is South Africa secretly shipping weapons and ammunition to Cuba?

R4/5 rifle
7.62mm light machine gun

From our Déjà vu Bureau:

A few days ago, a South African newspaper reported that armaments were being sent to Cuba surreptitiously, and that the airplane carrying them was grounded.

According to this report: “Customs officials discovered R4 and R5 rifles, 7.62mm light machine guns and ammunition on board. The aircraft was prevented from leaving.”

Today, that claim is being denied by South African military authorities.

Aaaaah.  Here we go again.

Remember the Chong Chon Gang, and all the weapons hidden under tons of sugar?

This story from South Africa sounds awfully familiar, including the claim being made that the aircraft was really carrying nothing but “Cuban technicians” and  “heavy vehicle simulators for training purposes.”

Sure… yeah… and North Korea’s Chong Chon Gang was loaded with nothing but sugar….really…

Chong Chon Gang & its cargo

From News 24 (SA)

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has rejected claims that it was trying to smuggle arms to Cuba when a chartered SAA flight was stopped at the Waterkloof air force base last week.

According to Sunday newspaper Rapport, the aircraft, which was meant to transport Cuban technicians back to their home country, was also carrying firearms and ammunition.

SANDF spokesperson Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi dispelled the reports and said the defence force rejected the allegations with contempt.

“The equipment in question was heavy vehicle simulators for training purposes and were cleared by customs and Armscor following due process,” Mgobozi said.

“The SANDF would like to state that there were no small arms or munitions that formed part of the consignment as reported.”

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  1. Oh, Castro, Inc. can always get arms somewhere. The Mandela connection alone is worth far more than that.

  2. Another caption for the last photo: The intercourse of hypocrisy and opportunism, “validated” by perversity.

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