Move over, socialists Ocasio and Sanders! –Meet libertarian John Stossel, who swallows and spreads Communist fables as eagerly as you do!

If  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ valley-girl prattle doesn’t strike you as ditzy enough–here’s John Stossel’s recent love notes to Castro’s propaganda ministry:

“Sunday, Cuba’s National Assembly approved a draft of a new constitution that recognizes a right to own private property. That’s progress…The U.S. should be happy about the changes, and the last thing we should do when we want to encourage free market changes in a country is slap an embargo on it…. Yet some conservatives want to do that, and President Trump reversed some of President Obama’s “Cuba opening.” This is a bad idea.” (John Stossel, 7/25.)

“Cuba’s reforming!…Cuba’s adopting capitalism!’ Now where have we heard THAT before?

Well, about every other year for the past THIRTY!—and from the Fake News Media, as parroted from Cuba’s propaganda ministry.

(If the above statement strikes you as unnecessarily hyperbolic  check out the basic truth of the comment here.)

(Babalu blog has already dissected and debunked the nature of these reforms here.)

But  libertarian John Stossel  now swallows it!…Why?

Because he’s a faithful libertarian and Castro’s propaganda ministry says so—THAT’S WHY!

Never mind that Stossel was proven SPECTACULARLY wrong three years ago when he swallowed the Obama/Libertarian/Castro-agent-of-influence propaganda line that  Obama’s opening to Cuba would magically convert Cuba into a Caribbean Singapore/Shangri- La. Never mind any of that…”fool me once” as the old saying goes “shame on me”….Well…?


“Foreign capital (including billions in $ U.S. dollars) have been flowing into Cuba FOR DECADES!…Millions of tourists (including Americans) have been visiting Cuba FOR DECADES!–but NOTHING has CHANGED in Cuba–in fact, while the Stalinist regime rakes in the cash, conditions for the Cuban people have WORSENED!…Your libertarian pipe-dreams simply enrich and entrench the Stalinist regime…the evidence has been in for years… Ask the Cuban people themselves! With Obama’s new policy things will worsen FURTHER–both for the Cuban people and for U.S. national security!…You guys haven’t done your homework!”  (Humberto Fontova)


Three years ago year ago John Stossel and a CATO Institute Cuba “expert” (two against one but I eagerly agreed to debate both “with half my brain tied behind my back”) scoffed at your humble servant here—while I openly ridiculed their ignorance of Cuban history–both pre-Castro and recent–and of human nature.

Well….it’s not just egg crusting on Stossel/libertarian  faces nowadays–it’s ROTTEN EGG!  Following Obama’s “opening” political arrests of Cubans by Castro’s KGB-trained secret police SOARED to a TEN YEAR HIGH!

First let us observe that the libertarian/Obama (i.e. Castroite agent-of-influence)  prescription for curing Castroite repression and state-control was in fact implemented –and with bells on: 

Now let us observe the fruits of that libertarian/Obama  prescription, shall we:

In fact, repression against dissidents and small business owners in Cuba BOOMED with the influx of $dollars Obama’s policy (eagerly applauded by libertarians) generated  for the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate—as predicted by your humble and hard-working  servant on Stossel’s very program!

Not that such a prediction required  special powers of clairvoyance.  Half of Miami predicted it, from plumbers to doctors, from beauticians to talk show hosts. All that such “clairvoyance” required was a rudimentary understanding  of Castroism—and some common sense and street smarts.


Alas! Libertarians are  too busy consulting their yoga manuals and holy books from a lotus position –while  invoking their economic gurus– to bother with HISTORICAL FACTS.

Fortunately most people (when they get out into the world a bit) quickly outgrow devotion to their libertarian gurus, shamans and holy books. Then they look back and LAUGH!   

“A great expose’ of Hollywood pinheads” (Bill O’Reilly on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)

“I read Fontova’s book on Che Guevara in two sittings– I could not put it down.”  (Radio and Fox News superstar Mark “The Great One” Levin.)

Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotesthem!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

“NO JODAS, John!…Read my books–THEN get back to me….”