Sandinista Piñata: Nicaragua’s communists stealing everything they can . . . again

Here we go again. The Sandinista Piñata is up once more in Nicaragua and dictator Daniel Ortega and his communist supporters are stealing everything they can.

It happened before in 1990 when the Marxist Ortega was voted out of office and his successor Violeta Chamorro came in to find Ortega and his merry band of communist Sandinista thieves had stolen land, homes, factories, businesses, and anything else they could get their grubby hands on.

Fast forward to the present and it seems Ortega and his cronies are not all that confident his regime will survive much longer, so the Sandinista Piñata has been strung up and they’re all making a grab for the candy.

Via McClatchy:

Amid unrest, Nicaragua’s ruling party organizes a series of land grabs

On repeated occasions in the last two months, squatters have descended on swaths of prime land around Nicaragua to set up overnight settlements, with acres of simple huts popping up almost overnight in some cases.

Owners say the Sandinista Front of embattled President Daniel Ortega organized the land grabs to reward the political party’s hard-core supporters and to retaliate against the business elite that once supported Ortega but now have largely joined a civil groundswell calling for his removal.

About 8,800 acres have been swallowed up in 30 land grabs since May, according to a registry by the Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua, a national trade group. Some of the takeovers involved armed men seeking to exercise control of properties while others involved masses of squatters who immediately threw up huts on the seized land.

For the family of César A. Castillo Cantón, whose grandfather bought La Pañueleta ranch outside Chinandega in 1904, the invasion began June 1, when hundreds of squatters congregated along the edge of the property before surging onto the land a few hours later.

Now, as far as the eye can see, huts made of wooden poles and black plastic dot the acreage, a settlement for thousands of people. On land most recently used to plant peanuts, residents are now digging trenches to lay water pipes. Hundreds of lots are already fenced off. The black and red Sandinista Front flag flaps above many of the huts.

“He [Ortega] is using us as an example, ‘This can happen to you or anybody else,’ ” said Castillo’s wife, Claudia María Montealegre.

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