Cuban American Connecticut State Sen. Art Linares slams Gov. Dan Malloy for praising Cuban communist healthcare

Connecticut State Sen. Art Linares and Governor Dan Malloy

After nearly six decades of meticulous documentation and incontrovertible evidence exposing the failed communist healthcare system in Cuba, there are still people who buy into Castro propaganda. Bernie Sanders is just one of many elected U.S. officials who won’t even make a half-hearted effort to learn the truth about Cuba and instead parrot Havana’s talking points.

The list of ignorant elected officials also includes Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, who put is bounteous ignorance of life in Cuba on full display. Malloy not only praised the island’s third-world healthcare, he placed it above healthcare in Connecticut.

Thankfully, Connecticut has Art Linares, a Cuban American State Senator (now running for Connecticut State Treasurer) to set the record straight.

Sen. Linares had a few choice words for Gov. Malloy in this press release:

Wednesday August 1, 2018

Linares Slams Malloy: Communist Cuba Not a Model for Connecticut Health Care

WESTBROOK –State Sen. Art Linares, a Republican candidate for State Treasurer, reacted Wednesday to comments made by Gov. Dan Malloy disparaging Connecticut hospitals and health care workers by saying, “As I stand here, the best public health system is in Cuba.”

“Over the last sixty years the Castro government has been responsible for the murder of more than 33,000 people,” Linares said. “Yet this repressive Communist dictatorship is who Gov. Malloy looks to as a model of what we should do to our health care system in Connecticut.”

“Since 1959, the Cuban health care system has worsened for the average Cuban and, today, the only people given access to quality care are members of the ruling Communist Party,” Linares continued. “If that is the sort of vision Dan Malloy and Shawn Wooden have for Connecticut, voters should be rightfully concerned.”

“As a Cuban-American, I have family members who can offer personal horror stories on the Cuban health care system,” Linares said. “I certainly don’t know anyone who would trade their health care at Yale Medical for Communist-quality treatment in Cuba.”

“Malloy’s comments are particularly outrageous given his administration’s recent efforts to force Connecticut’s health care providers to share in the economic damage inflicted by his administration on our state,” Linares noted. “Malloy has repeatedly backed costly tax hikes on hospitals that threaten the quality and availability of care, particularly in more rural communities that face the closure of health clinics.”

“My grandfather was sentenced to death by the Castro regime for opposing Communism and supporting free elections,” Linares continued. “He fled Communist Cuba and waited six years to legally come to the United States in search of a better life. He found that opportunity and I’ve been blessed, just two generations later, to build a successful small business and serve my community in the Senate. I’m running for State Treasurer because I’m concerned that kind of opportunity is slipping away after eight years of Malloy’s tax-hiking agenda and must be protected for the next generation by leaders who will fight for real reform and put taxpayers first.”

For those who still do not know what “healthcare” looks like in communist Cuba, below is just one example (you can see a lot more examples HERE).

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  1. But, but, but what about the generational shift? This can’t be! Aren’t young Cubans supposed to NOT be intransigent [read this as castro apologists?] aren’t they supposed to repeat the Hollywood/DNC/Cuba “experts” vision of Cuba?

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