Actos de repudio unleashed in the U.S.

A common tactic used in Communist Cuba by party sponsored bully mobs to intimidate, instill fear, and to restrict democracy activist’s freedom of movement and speech, has been adopted here in the United States by the Democrat Party as a political tactic against those they disagree with. If not stopped, I fear this is going to lead to violence in our streets that we haven’t experienced since 1960’s when groups such as the SDS, the Weathermen, the Black Power Movement, etc., some of whom were aided by Cuba, tried to overthrow our system of government. They didn’t succeed then, but have spent the ensuing decades placing themselves in positions conducive to undermining democracy quietly, in educational institutions, media, and government. Now they’ve unleashed a new generation of violent domestic terrorists with the same agenda.

Communist thuggery in action, in Cuba:

And in the United States.