Get ready for “ultra luxury” cruises to Cuba

Savages greet ultra-luxury tourists

From our very busy Annals of Apartheid Bureau

Here we go…

It looks as if having “luxury” cruises to Castrogonia was not enough for the travel industry.

Well-heeled racists will soon be able to take “ultra luxury” cruises from Miami to this impoverished hell-hole of a destination, which is described — of course — as a “stunning””undiscovered Caribbean treasure” by the president of the Seabourn cruise line.

Yes, the U.S. government has approved all this, despite the Trumpinator’s public comments about strangling Castro, Inc.’s tourist industry.

Well-heeled racists, get ready to enjoy your ultra luxuries while you look down your noses at the poorest, most inferior, most repressed savages you have ever seen!

Cigar ladies, get ready for the fattest racist fat cats you will ever be able to pose with!

Castro, Inc., get ready to rake in the fees at your stolen dock facilities, ka-ching!

ultra luxury savage
ultra luxury savage

From Breaking Travel News

Seabourn has received approval to begin sailing to Cuba from Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico, with cruise bookings now open.

The world’s ultra-luxury cruise line will start with a 12-day cruise aboard Seabourn Sojourn departing Miami on November 4th next year.

The addition of Seabourn’s sailings will help meet the growing demand for luxury travel experiences to Cuba.

Seabourn has become Carnival Corporation’s third cruise brand currently approved to sail to Cuba.

Guests can choose from four separate itineraries with five different departure dates. During the 11-, 12-, and 14-day sailings, Seabourn Sojourn will visit five ports in Cuba, all of which will call at three or four on each itinerary enabling guest’s opportunity to discover the different regions on this stunning island…


…“The Quest for new experiences and destinations is high on the travel agenda. Added to that Cuba is one of the most sought-after emerging destinations for many of our guests,” said Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn.

Our guests and travel partners have been anxiously awaiting an ultra-luxury travel experience with a wider selection of destinations in this relatively undiscovered Caribbean treasure we are excited to finally be able to include Cuba in our itineraries.

“These Cuba itineraries aim to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who has considered visiting.”

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Queen of Cuban Ultra Luxury

5 thoughts on “Get ready for “ultra luxury” cruises to Cuba”

  1. It doesn’t matter how bad it looks, and is. Those involved are as blithely insulated as the New York Times. For the umpteenth time, Castrogonia and its “revolution” have been “normalized.” Not only is there no sense of wrongdoing, but there may well be delusions of beneficence. The world is full of shit, which is why, if we ever get our act together, we must keep it that way and never again depend on the kindness of strangers.

  2. Maybe the “ultra” includes Cubanoid tour guides from the “diaspora” for extra “authenticity.”

  3. As indicated by the many women of color who were stars in pre-Castro Cuba, the grotesque caricature now being peddled by the faux mammy brigade was a long-discarded anachronism, and its current vogue among foreign tourists simply reflects the ignorance and bigotry of their preconceived notions about “primitive” Caribbean culture. It is, of course, racist, but the Castro regime is perfectly happy to promote it because it’s good for business. Disgusting.

  4. Simple, Honey: they’re not listening because they think they’re way over your head, like the media nabobs.

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