Killing of protesters continues in Nicaragua

Back in the 1980’s Americans who wanted to be easily identified as liberals or progressives would always pronounce “Nicaragua” ineptly by trilling their R’s in an exaggerated way: “Nicarrrrrrragua.”

Of course these same people would never trill their R’s when speaking of neighboring Honduras or Costa Rica, or Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, or Argentina.

Trilling the R’s on Nicarrrrrragua was a way of showing “solidarity” with the communist Sandinista regime.

Well, those same folks are awfully silent these days, as their beloved communists unleash a reign of terror.

Of course, as they see it, Nicarrrrragua’s current reign of terror is justifiable.

Yes, naturally, all leftist repression is justifiable and admirable.

As many of them would say, “you can’t make a “social justice”omelette without cracking a few eggs.”

So, this is why they’re so quiet about the killing, maiming, and torturing that’s going on in Nicarrrrrragua nowadays.

Human rights organizations are denouncing the terror, but as most American liberals see it, those denunciations do not square with the politically correct definition of “social justice.”

Communist “social justice” warriors of the Sandinista kind

From The Latin American Herald Tribune

At least one person died and two were wounded on Saturday amid a march seeking the freedom of “political prisoners” that took place in different municipalities of Nicaragua as part of the protests against the government, which have left hundreds dead since April.

The victim was identified as Lenin Mendiola, son of the peasant leader Benigna Mendiola, who died after a confrontation in the Nicaraguan city of Matagalpa between anti-government protesters and groups related to the government of Nicaragua.

Meanwhile, the opposition Civic Movement April 19 Matagalpa reported at least two people injured in an attack perpetrated by paramilitaries and groups related to President Daniel Ortega against a group of protesters participating in a march for political prisoners.

The attack, according to that opposition movement, took place near the Mayor’s Office of Matagalpa when supporters of President Ortega, supported by paramilitaries, attacked a group of civilians marching.

That version was confirmed by the activist Roberto Largaespada, of the Permanent Commission of Human Rights (CPDH), who in turn corroborated the two wounded and whose names are under investigation.

The self-appointed demonstrators in Nicaragua on Saturday marched in different cities, including Managua, to demand the release of the “political prisoners” who have been imprisoned for protesting against the government.

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  1. Yes, the old Sandinista groupies are despicably silent, which makes them even less reputable than Bianca Jagger.

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