Cuban Woman Arrested for Dating a Foreigner

Lianet Guerra Peña

From Instituto Mises-Mambí de Cuba

Our libertarian colleague Marisol Peña Coba informs us of a new outrage and injustice by the Cuban communist regime.

Her niece LIANET GUERRA PEÑA, 21 years old, has been detained. She has been locked in a dungeon in the Najasa police station for four days near Camagüey, awaiting trial.

The facts are as follows: Lianet for a year and a half has had a romantic relationship with an Italian man; they met in Cuba; he has traveled several times to the island spending long periods and living with her. Lianet traveled and spent three months in Italy with her boyfriend; a month ago he returned; they want to get married.

Well, her arrest is because the totalitarian minions of the Cuban regime consider that to be prostitution, since she has traveled with a man to another country without being married.  She is awaiting JUDGMENT with criminal charges. What kind of judgment? What witnesses are there? And on what basis?  This is scandalous and unbelievable!

They already condemned our colleague of the Cuban Libertarian Party, Yanet Padrón, accusing her of prostitution while the witnesses that Yanet had in his favor were the very Catholic Ladies in White.

Marisol believes that this attack on a family member is another attack on her, since she is an annoying person for the regime because of her activism. Several years ago they detained without any charge her brothers and teenage daughter.

The communist regime, instead of decaying, continues to harden the repression of the opponents and their relatives by fabricating non-existent crimes based on standards of morality that they themselves lack.

We have to denounce this INJUSTICE and thus be able to stop this farce of judgment on the part of these savage criminals who lack ethics, morals and humanity.

Lianet Guerra is apolitical and merely guilty by association.

Two members of the Cuban Libertarian Party are currently political prisoners: Ubaldo Herrera Hernández (since February 2, 2017) and Yanet Padrón Naya (since June 27, 2018).

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