Cuba ranked with North Korea and Iran as worst countries for internet access

No surprises here. Like Iran and North Korea, Cuba is ruled by a ruthless and murderous dictatorship that fears the free flow of information.

No amount of propaganda or wishful thinking by the media or academia will change that.

Via Lawless Tech:

What Countries Have the Strictest Internet Censorship Regulations?

Many of us take the benefits of the Internet for granted, and it’s hard to imagine life without the connectivity it provides. And yet, for some people, living with a heavily censored and restricted Internet connection is their routine, and there’s pretty much nothing they can do about it that can’t land them in trouble with their governments. Let’s take a look at how the Internet works in some parts of the world.



Cuba has a long history of restricting and tracking the Internet use of its citizens, and there’s no shortage of stories coming out of the country that confirm this. Most people wishing to get online are forced to go through special government-approved access points where they can expect all their moves to be carefully monitored and analyzed. The government takes a very restrictive approach when it comes to using the Internet, and even though there has been some progress in this regard in recent years, the situation is still far from pretty.

Statements by the Cuban government imply that the situation is not one of their choosing, but that they’re somewhat forced to go down this way due to onerous restrictions coming from the US, although these claims are unconfirmed and doubted by many. Some speculate that the Cuban government has a stronger interest in controlling the Internet activities of its citizens than is previously thought and that they are attempting to manipulate public perceptions to push their agenda. Both sides of the argument are mostly speculative so far though.

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