“MONKEY!–we pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!”–Cuban jailers to black political prisoner Eusebio Peñalver. (Historic Castro-fan Jesse Jackson, by the way, is “anguished!” by DeSantis’ comment.)

Already today Fidel Castro and Che Guevara-celebrant Jesse Jackson was quick to denounce DeSantis’ “monkey-up” comment:

In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Jesse Jackson said DeSantis’ comment was “clearly a race-based message.” He said voters should “take their anguish to the polls” in November.

Now here’s Jesse Jackson when he visited Stalinist Cuba in 1984:

“Viva Fidel!” bellowed Jesse Jackson while arm-in-arm with Fidel Castro at the University of Havana in 1984. “Viva Che Guevara!” he yelled again with fists raised high. “Long live our cry of freedom!”

A short distance from where Jesse Jackson yukked it up with Fidel Castro, Eusebio Penalver (along with many other Cuban black political prisoners) suffered tortures unimaginable to Nelson Mandela in his (relative) country-club South African prisons.
In fact, many of these black Cuban prisoners suffered longer in Jesse Jackson’s idol’s prisons than Mandela did in South Africa’s.

N**ger!–MONKEY!” taunted my jailers between tortures,” recalled the world’s longest suffering black political prisoner (Eusebio Peñalver, top right ) to this writer. “We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!” laughed my torturers. For months I was naked in a 6 x 4 foot cell. That’s four feet high, so you couldn’t stand. But I felt a great freedom inside myself. I refused to commit spiritual suicide.”


(Above some of the Cuban blacks who suffered longer in the prison and torture chambers of Colin Kaeperlinck’s and Jesse Jackson’s hero Fidel Castro than Nelson Mandela suffered in apartheid South Africa’s (relative) country club prisons.)

Eusebio Peñalver’s jailing (without trial, unlike Mandela whose trial was open to the public and attended by multitudes of international observers, most of them hostile to the South African regime) and torture at the hands of the Castro regime stretched to 29 years, surpassing Nelson Mandela’s record in time behind bars and probably quintupling the horrors suffered by Mandela during this period. In fact the emblem (Che Guevara) that Wal-Mart proudly merchants represents the regime that jailed and tortured the most and longest suffering black political prisoners in the history of the Western hemisphere—many more than were jailed for political offenses by Apartheid South Africa.

Many Cubans (many of them black) suffered longer and more horrible incarceration in Castro’s KGB-designed dungeons than Nelson Mandela spent in South Africa’s (relatively) comfortable prisons, which were open to inspection by the Red Cross. Castro has never allowed a Red Cross delegation anywhere near his real prisons. Now let’s see if you recognize some of the Cuban ex-prisoners and torture-victims:
Mario Chanes (30 years), Ignacio Cuesta Valle, (29 years) Antonio López Muñoz, (28 years) in Dasio Hernández Peña (28 years) Dr. Alberto Fibla (28 years) Pastor Macurán (28 years) Roberto Martin Perez (28 years) Roberto Perdomo (28 years) Teodoro González (28 years.) Jose L.Pujals (27 years) Miguel A. Alvarez Cardentey (27 years.) Eusebio Peñalver(28 years.)

Never heard of ANY of then?….maybe it it’s because their suffering doesn’t fit the Cuba narrative of the Fake News Media, Fake History Channel, Fake Academia, etc, etc. etc….


“Humberto Fontova is a gifted polemicist who pulls no punches. A great service for liberty, justice and truth.” (The Weekly Standard  on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)

“I read Fontova’s book in two sittings. I couldn’t put it down!” (Conservative Radio superstar Mark Levin.)

Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotes them!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

“Absolutely devastating. An enlightening and shocking read you’ll never forget.” (David Limbaugh on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)


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  1. Sorry. Jesse, Al Sharpton, and even Marion Barry can be total Castrophiles. They have Saint Mandela’s approval. Move along.

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