Censorship in Cuba: Actor wants to know what can and can’t be filmed in Cuba

Via Diario de Cuba:

Actor Luis Silva wants to know just what can be legally filmed and photographed in Cuba

Line at the EJT agricultural market in Vedado.

The actor Luis Silva, who plays the popular character Pánfilo in the comedy program Vivir del Cuento, used his Facebook Profile to complain about the widespread censorship in Cuba, exercised through fear and by barring people from taking photos or videos all over the Island.

In a post in which he reacted to the attack suffered by the Cuban journalist Sonia Sánchez in a line at a state agricultural market in El Vedado by its manager, Silva asked for clarification of what may or may not be filmed or photographed, and cited other similar incidents related to this situation.

“I don’t know whether it’s in the Constitution, or in La Gaceta (gazette), or in the Guidelines. But I would like to know where, if they exist, one can find the directives, laws or regulations prohibiting one from taking photos or videos in our country. I have the right to know that, to know what I can and cannot do,” he wrote.

The supervisor at the EJT, preventing the taking of pictures.

The actor explained that his wife once went to take a picture of a small table in a store, to see if he liked it, “and the ruckus they raised (including the manager) was outrageous.”

“We went to shoot Vivir del Cuento, about five years ago, in the Coppelia gardens, and the supervisor at that time allowed it, but asked that the ice cream scoops not appear. We had to laugh. You can already imagine what the scoops were like,” he added.

Silva warned that “taking pictures in hospitals… don’t even think about it! No way! Because they’ll lock you up. No matter what the hospital is like, record it in your mind, but never in a photo.”

According to the actor, “in a bank, you cannot use your phone, or take pictures. That’s understandable. Or in a military unit.”  But he wants to know “where else” it is prohibited.

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