Beto is about as Hispanic as I am Chinese . . .

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Beto is what they call a man from El Paso born Robert O’Rourke. He is about as Hispanic as I am Chinese.

Am I the only who finds it surprising that the left is OK with a white Irish guy who has culturally appropriated the name Beto? Isn’t cultural appropriation a big deal on their side?

Nevertheless, “Betomania” has exploded in a political party desperately looking for a national figure under 80 years old or one who does not represent an over taxed state like New York or California.

The latest Beto story is about the VFW and the US flag. To say the least, the VFW and the US flag are held in high esteem in Texas.

Check this out:

O’Rourke rented out a Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in Navasota, TX to hold a campaign rally.

According to VFW Post 4006 Commander Carl Dry, O’Rourke’s campaign insisted the VFW Hall take down its American flags.

The campaign denies the story. The VFW Commander stands by it.  My money is on the Commander!

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2 thoughts on “Beto is about as Hispanic as I am Chinese . . .”

  1. Let me note another hypocrisy from the left. The left is forever carrying on about “minority” empowerment. They were the ones who commandeered gerrymandering so that “minority” democratic candidates could win. Yet, they want one of three Hispanic senators [Cruz] to lose!

    P.D. I’ll never forget how the NYT’s gloated that the Cubans had lost their political power when Elian was returned.

  2. The “Beto” thing is like Warren Wilhelm’s “Bill de Blasio” BS. But, if enough people fall for that it can fly. O’Rourke should really be “Beta,” which I expect is much more apt.

    As for the NYT, like the rest of the thoroughly discredited presstitutes, non-Cubanoid Cubans are not covered by proper-minority insurance and are, in fact, to be treated as even more deplorable than the “deplorables,” since there’s little or no disincentive to sticking it to them by the usual suspects. And no, I’ll never forget a single solitary thing the media bastards have done against us, either.

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