Kaepernick finds his ‘inner Che’ & Serena her ‘inner child’

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A couple of years ago, QB Colin Kaepernick got benched because he couldn’t play anymore. As I recall, he was regularly passing the ball to the other team or what we call “interceptions.”

Kaepernick got benched and turned into a political philosopher. He could have worked on his deteriorating skills and try to get his old job back.

Not Colin. He found his “inner Che,” and we know the rest of the story.

The NFL is now all about Colin and the fans are not tuning in.

Now, Nike is referring to his act as some kind of “sacrifice.”

Sorry, but I know real heroes who were killed in Iraq, lost a leg in Afghanistan or served years in a Castro prison. We have a D-Day veteran at our church. Colin’s sacrifice is nothing compared to those examples.

As the old saying goes: Colin, I’ve known heroes and you are no hero.

This weekend, Serena Williams behaved like a spoiled brat and actually got fined for her childish performance at the US Open finals.

The entire post-match celebration was all about Serena and a nice young woman from Japan was treated to a first-class look at how political correctness is tearing up the country.

Colin blamed it on racism. Serena blamed it on sexism. It’s always an “-ism” these days.

Let me get this straight. A guy can’t play, and this is a racist country. A woman makes a fool of herself, and calls it sexism.

And then they wonder how Trump happened? Or why people don’t think ESPN is a sports network anymore?

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2 thoughts on “Kaepernick finds his ‘inner Che’ & Serena her ‘inner child’”

  1. Yesterday Rush compared Serena’s behavior to Hillary’s loss and her blaming everything and everyone except herself. Great idea. Perfect comparison. Instead of being gracious in losing to an opponent who trained and waited all her life to fulfill her dream of playing her idol, Serena insulted her opponent, and made herself look terrible.
    Instead of being gracious in defeat, Hillary still makes herself look bad to all those who loved her and followed her all their lives. Now a lot of her fans just wish she would disappear.

    Just as the elites of the tennis establishment praised Serena despite her very bad behavior (they made the young woman who won feel apologetic and put her in tears as she held her trophy) the establishment in government is doing all it can to show that it wasn’t her bad campaign and herself that made Hillary lose, but the Russians, or whatever they can come up with. Thus they reinforce her self delusion.

    It was a very good comparison Rush came up with and I wish I could tell it as well as he did.

  2. Serena, Colin and all star pro athletes should be very grateful as well as humble about becoming wealthy from playing a GAME. Repeat, from PLAYING a game. No matter how well they may play it, what they have to offer is entirely dispensable and ultimately trivial, meaning NOBODY actually needs it except those who live off the pro sports business. I have zero tolerance for so much as an iota of inappropriate attitude from such people, let alone respect or sympathy for such nonsense. In other words, all pro athletes should know their place, which is that of enetertainers, as in FRILLS, period.

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