Castro dictatorship officials claim there is ‘no proof’ of attacks on American diplomats in Cuba

Castro dictatorship scientists and doctors, which is a polite way to say communist apparatchiks, held a press conference in Washington D.C. on Thursday. They were there to address the “sonic attacks” that have injured more than two dozen American diplomats stationed in Cuba.

As the New York Times reports, the scientists are not only claiming there is “no proof” there was an attack, but are doubling (or tripling) down on the fantastical notion that “mass hysteria” caused hearing loss and brain damage:

Some of Cuba’s top scientists and medical specialists denounced on Thursday claims that two dozen American diplomats in Havana had been the targets of mysterious attacks over the last two years.

The experts were careful not to offer a definitive explanation for the episodes, in which the diplomats reported hearing strange noises that led to symptoms similar to those after a minor traumatic brain injury or a concussion.

But they complained that the United States had concluded, with no evidence, that an attack had been carried out to start.

“We believe there can be a few individuals who have some sort of illness,” said Dr. Mitchell Joseph Valdés Sosa, the director general of the Cuban Center for Neurosciences. But he said the possibility that psychological factors may have played a role could not be eliminated.


Dr. Valdes, responding to recent reports that suggested a microwave weapon might have been the cause, dismissed the idea.

“If you’re going to try to explain why donkeys fly, you’re first going to have to see a flying donkey,” he said. “And we haven’t seen a flying donkey.”

Mass hysteria could be one explanation, the Cuban experts suggested.

For reference, here are a few other claims Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has made in the past:

  • There are no political prisoners in Cuba
  • Cuba is a “democracy” (while the same family has ruled for nearly six decades)
  • There is freedom of expression in Cuba
  • Cuba has the best healthcare in the world (see what healthcare in Cuba is really like HERE)
  • Cuba has the best “free” education system in the world (learn about the real education system in Cuba HERE)

And there are plenty more farcical claims made by the Castro regime.

But if you believe any of the above, then you’ll likely believe the hearing loss and brain damage suffered by American diplomats was psychosomatic. If that’s the case, hit us up, we have a bridge you might be interested in buying.

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