Brazil threatens to cut off payments for Cuban doctors if Castro dictatorship does not bring their debt payments up to date

Brazil’s President Michel Temer has reportedly threatened to stop paying for Cuban doctors sent to Brazil if the Castro dictatorship does not bring its loan from Brazil up to date. The Cuban government has failed to make payments on a loan from the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development since May, falling behind $17.3 million in payments so far.

The Brazilian government pays the Castro regime more than $300 million annually for the services of doctors enslaved by the Cuban dictatorship. The sale of doctors is extremely profitable for Cuba’s communist government, an enterprise which amounts to modern-day slavery with the Castro family dictatorship keeping the bulk of the money.

Brazilian magazine Veja reports Temer is looking to recover the past due loan payments by not paying the Cuban dictatorship for their medical slaves (via Martí Noticias [my translation]):

Brazilian magazine Veja reports that Brazil’s President Michel Temer ordered his embassy to communicate to Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel that either Cuba brings its loan payments to the National Bank of Economic and Social Development up to date, or he will have to take action.


The magazine’s report said that if the loan is not brought up to date soon, Temer’s administration will suspend the transfer of millions of dollars to Havana in payments by Brazil for the professional services of [Cuban] doctors in the “Mas Medicos” program.

This will certainly get the attention of the deadbeat Castro dictatorship, which only responds to pain, especially pain in their wallet.

Nonetheless, we cannot lose sight of the fact Brazil brought this upon themselves. First, they lent hundreds of millions of dollars to a corrupt dictatorship with a decades-long history of defaulting on their loans. Second, they are buying slave labor from that same regime, making them complicit in the modern-day slave trade.

Brazil is in no position to claim the moral high ground and if they get bilked out of hundreds of millions of dollars, they have only themselves to blame.

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