U.S. congressman involved in Cuban ‘sonic attacks’ probe: Castro regime knows what happened and who did it

U.S. congressman Joe Wilson, who is part of the investigation into the “sonic attacks” on American diplomats in Cuba, is pointing the finger at the obvious culprits. This is the last thing the supporters and defenders of Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship want to hear.

Via The Post and Courier:

SC congressman Joe Wilson: Who’s pointing sick rays at US embassies? Cuba knows, he says.

Crippling. Traumatic brain injury. Massive ear pain. Disorienting. Life threatening.

That’s how South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson described the effects on U.S. Embassy staff in Havana, Cuba, who two years ago found themselves under “attack” by a series of unexplained but pain-inducing sonic signals.

They were targeted in their homes, offices and hotels.

“This is gruesome,” Wilson said. “Whatever it was, either ultrasonic or infrasonic attacks, the consequences were really life threatening and also permanent.”

Wilson, a Republican and senior member of the House Foreign Affairs, is part of the probe because the safety of embassy personnel around the globe falls under his purview.

He’s one of three South Carolinians with keen insight to embassy work: former House Speaker David Wilkins was ambassador to Canada; former Commerce Secretary Bob Royall was ambassador to Tanzania; and businessman Ed McMullen is currently ambassador in Switzerland.

To date, at least two dozen U.S. personnel in Havana were taken down by the attacks. One theory is that a microwave signal — altered or contorted through the use of other technologies — might be at play.


While some sources are pointing fingers at Russia or another state, Wilson isn’t ready to make that leap. But he does have an idea where the investigation should focus.

“Nothing occurs in that country without the full knowledge of the Cuban military,” he said.

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