The New Yorker Magazine writer exposed as serial liar and blatant communist propagandist

“I have yet to find a single credible source pointing to a case where Che Guevara executed ‘an innocent’… The (53 Cubans executed on Che’s orders) were all torturers and murderers of women and children. “He (Che Guevara) studied the evidence in each case (of the “53” executions) with methodical care. ” (New Yorker Magazine staff writer Jon Lee Anderson in his biography of Che Guevara which he wrote while living in totalitarian Cuba and in conjunction with dictator Fidel Castro and his KGB-founded and mentored propaganda ministry.)

Got it, amigos? According to the New Yorker Magazine’s star writer Jon lee Anderson, Che Guevara only ordered the execution of 53 people, and all were subject to an antiseptic judicial process –which declared them murderers and torturers of women and children.  (Never mind that Che Guevara–who had a KGB handler since 1956–transplanted this judicial system to Cuba exactly as it had operated during Stalin’s Great Terror.)

“The Black Book of Communism,” written by French scholars and published in English by Harvard University Press (neither exactly an outpost of “embittered right-wing Cubans with an ax to grind!”) estimates 16,000 firing squad executions in Cuba by the end of the 1960’s. “The facts and figures are irrefutable,” wrote the New York Times (no less!) about “The Black Book of Communism.” A Cuban prosecutor of the time who quickly defected in horror and disgust named Jose Vilasuso estimates that Che signed 400 death warrants the first few months of his command in La Cabana. A Basque priest named Iaki de Aspiazu, who was often on hand to perform confessions and last rites, says Che personally ordered 700 executions by firing squad during the period. Cuban journalist Luis Ortega, who knew Che as early as 1954, writes in his book “Yo Soy El Che!” that Guevara sent 1,892 men to the firing squad.

In his book Che Guevara: A Biography, Daniel James writes that Che himself admitted to ordering “several thousand” executions during the first year of the Castro regime. Felix Rodriguez, the Cuban-American CIA operative who helped track him down in Bolivia and was the last person to question him, says that Che during his final talk, admitted to “a couple thousand” executions. But he shrugged them off as all being of “imperialist spies and CIA agents.”


From a vintage interview:

Cybercast News Service: You write about some of these folks like…Jon Lee Anderson…can you explain how they’ve spread propaganda about Che Guevara?

Humberto Fontova: Anderson is the worst of the lot… His book, “Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life” was written while Anderson lived in Cuba as an honored guest of the Stalinist regime -so obviously it was composed with the full cooperation of the Castro regime. So here’s the propaganda ministers of a totalitarian regime welcoming Anderson, , feting him, and daily feeding him information…he dutifully transcribes it in his book; and then it’s broadcast all over the world as an “authoritative” source! It boggles the mind!

Cybercast News Service: It would be like someone sitting in the office of Joseph Goebbels and taking dictation?

Humberto Fontova: As I write in my book: it’s like, let us say that Hitler died. Let’s say one of the many assassination attempts against him succeeded. So then a so-called historian were to go to write Hitler’s biography and were to use Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering, and Martin Bormann as his sources. Would any sane person take that book seriously? But when it comes to Cuban totalitarianism, people don’t look past that. There’s just something about the Cuban revolution that blinds people to reason!”



“I read Humberto Fontova’s book on Che Guevara in two sittings– I could not put it down.”  (Radio and Fox News superstar Mark “The Great One” Levin.)

“Humberto Fontova’s book teaches us truths about Cuba that are very discomfiting for many intellectuals.” (Ana Botella, Spain’s former First Lady while giving a book reading in Madrid upon the Spanish-language release of the BOMBSHELL book “Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.


Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotesthem!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

“A great expose’ of Hollywood pinheads” (Bill O’Reilly on Humberto Fontova’s Fidel; Hollywoods Favorite Tyrant.) 

“Humberto’s book is a very valuable book-a book badly needed around the world.” (Former Chairwoman of the House Committee on Foreign Relations Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R.Fl)

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  1. One of the worst things about “experts” like Anderson, who take official Castro sources at face value, is their unbelievable presumptuousness and ludicrous arrogance, since they act as if they know better about what went down in Cuba than Cubans themselves, especially “those people.” Talk about screaming assholes.

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