New York Mayor Bill de Blasio meets with ‘president’ of Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has a soft spot for Cuba’s communist dictatorship. And when he can’t meet with one of the Castros, he’s happy to meet with their sock-puppet president.

Via the New York Post:

De Blasio has private sit-down with Cuban president

Mayor de Blasio had a private sit-down with Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Manhattan on Wednesday, just hours after the communist country’s new leader denounced America’s longtime embargo in a UN speech.

Responding to a press-conference query, the mayor said Díaz-Canel had requested the meeting, which lasted about a half-hour.

“We would like to see a positive relationship between our two countries,” said the mayor, who honeymooned in Cuba. “Unfortunately, I think some of the decisions of the Trump administration have made it harder and not easier.”

De Blasio’s morbid admiration of Cuba’s communist dictatorship is not a bug of the mayor’s personality, but a feature.

1 thought on “New York Mayor Bill de Blasio meets with ‘president’ of Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship”

  1. I trust Mariela Castro sent Mayor Wilhelm a message via her daddy’s glorified gopher that if his “ex-lesbian” wife should, uh, reconsider and become more “diverse,” she can now visit Cuba and let her hair down all she wants. Of course, only Castro-friendly elements can enjoy “gay rights” in Castrogonia, but I expect that wouldn’t be any problem for Mrs. Wilhelm.

    Still, I love that photo of “de Blasio.” He couldn’t look more like an asshole if he tried.

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