Socialism in action: Lack of water and power outages in Venezuela

As we mentioned yesterday, socialism can pull off some amazing feats. As we see in Venezuela, socialism has led to shortages of water and power outages. Capitalism can’t do that.

Via The Sun:

How people in the Socialist ‘utopia’ of Venezuela live in poverty without water and power cuts — but Jeremy Corbyn backs ‘insane nationalisation’ projects

In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, mum-of-two Maribel Gonzales has to queue for an hour for a water pipe,  after the state-owned water system broke down for the third time in a fortnight

DESPERATE Maribel Gonzales struggles to extract trickling water from a standpipe as her children cry from thirst.

The gaunt mum-of-two has had to queue for an hour for drinking water at the pipe, put in place to save residents from dehydration after the state-owned water system failed for the third time in a fortnight.

This is Caracas, capital of Venezuela, the South American country whose failing ­policies Labour leader Jeremy ­Corbyn wants to imitate.

Last year he pledged his “support” for the Venezuelan government’s attempts at “reducing inequality”.

When its former leader died in 2013, Corbyn tweeted: “Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared.”

And as Maribel battled to keep her children alive this week, Jeremy ­Corbyn and shadow Chancellor John McDonnell called for Britain’s water companies to be nationalised?.?.?.?just like Venezuela.

Housewife Maribel, 35, who lives in the San Jose neighbourhood, said: “This is what you get when you nationalise everything.

“Too many things for the government to pay for and oversee and everything fails.

“We have not had any running water in my area for a month.

“We cannot shower, wash dishes, or drink. If it was not for this pipe in the street I would die.”

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