Caught on video: The Castro dictatorship’s violent war on women dissidents in Cuba

For the last several years in Cuba, women have taken the brunt of the apartheid Castro dictatorship’s violent repression against dissidents. Just last month, two-thirds of the Cuban dissidents violently arrested in Cuba during September were women.

There is a violent and vicious war on women taking place in Cuba, but you will not read about it in the press nor will you hear feminists in the U.S. speak out in their defense. Cuba is ruled by a communist dictatorship headed by one of the left’s most revered tyrannies. If a few women have to get their heads bashed in to protect their narrative, so be it.

In the video below, you see two Cuban women who are dissidents being violently arrested by Cuban State Security. As the armed men physically assault them, the brave women continue yelling “Down with the Castros!” and “Down with the dictatorship!” You can also hear people in the crowd screaming at the agents to stop their violence and leave the women alone.


Smartphones are helping show the repression of the Cuban communist dictatorship, which has always existed. The videos do not lie. Cubans are losing their fear.