27 Cuban refugees who boarded rickety boat to flee communism come ashore in Miami

Neither Obama’s “Hope and Change” policy nor a new “president” and a new “constitution” is giving Cubans much hope. While Cuba remains under the complete control of the communist apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family, Cubans will continue to risk their lives to flee the island prison.

Via Miami’s Local10 News:

15 arrested after 27 Cuban migrants come ashore in Virginia Key

Arrested migrants to be processed for removal

The U.S. Border Patrol said 15 illegal Cuban nationals were arrested after 27 migrants came ashore Sunday in Virginia Key, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Video from the scene shows the migrants — some of them children — being detained by agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Miami paramedics treated 13 of the migrants at the scene, but none of the migrants were transported to hospitals.

Juan Montoya was on the beach when the migrants arrived.

“There’s like 20, 30 people inside the boat and they’re all getting out, you know. People have been out there for eight days,” Montoya said.

He said they traveled from Cuba in wooden makeshift vessel.

“One of them told me he was there working on it for three weeks at his house,” Montoya said.

Border Patrol agents said the 15 arrested people will be taken to the Dania Beach Border Patrol station for processing and removal.

See the video report HERE.