Miami Cuban American TV reporter takes potshot at Cuban American congressional candidate over her accent

Miami Cuban American reporter Eliott Rodriguez takes potshot at Cuban American congressional candidate Maria Elvira Salazar over her accent.

In a now deleted post on Facebook, Miami television reporter and Cuban American Eliott Rodriguez took a potshot a congressional candidate Maria Elvira Salazar over her accent when speaking English. Rodriguez claims to be an old friend of Salazar, who has been a fixture on Spanish-language television in South Florida for decades. But that friendship apparently did not stop the reporter for Miami’s CBS4 News from criticizing Salazar’s English, saying her accent prevents her from getting a job in English language television.

Rodriguez’s odd criticisms of Salazar seem to insinuate she is running for congress because she can’t get a job on television. He contrasted that with Salazar’s opponent Donna Shalala, who he celebrated for her long record of public service. Unlike Salazar, who he accused of being a “postalita,” which is the Cuban term to say someone is all show and no substance.

Below is a screenshot of Rodriguez’s Facebook post before he deleted it:

Political activist and our good friend Jessica Fernandez (who posted the above screenshot of Rodriguez’s post) took issue with Rodriguez’s attack, pointing out how unseemly it is for one child of Cuban immigrants to criticize the accent of another child of Cuban immigrants:

Elliot Rodriguez, journalist from CBS Miami, trashes his “friend” who is running for Congress. His reason? He can detect her non native English accent. What a bad look for one immigrant to criticize another for their English (her English is perfect btw). Criticize her policy positions, her past actions, whatever. This is just as bad as criticizing a woman because of her looks. #Superficial#Elitist#FakeNews (btw he deleted this post, but just like Wu-Tang, the internet is forever)

Rodriguez’s potshot at Salazar took many in South Florida’s Cuban American community by surprise. U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo responded on Twitter how shocked and disappointed he was with Rodriguez:

After deleting his post and receiving large amounts of criticism himself, Eliott Rodriguez posted an apology on Facebook saying he never criticized her accent. But nevertheless, he goes on to double down on how Salazar’s accent prevents her from getting a job in English language television:

I apologize for a rambling, disjointed and rather incoherrent Facebook post written during a family breakfast Sunday. My 5 year old grandson was visiting and I should have paid more attention to him and less to Facebook. In any event, here is the point I was trying to make: Miami Congressional candidate Maria Elvira Salazar decided to run for public office after her TV career options dried up. She reached out to me in April of 2015 (I still have the email) asking for help finding a job in English-languare TV. Maria Elvira has had a stellar career in Spanish TV. The feedback I got was that her English skills were not strong enough for a job anchoring at an English language station. Somehow, people took this to mean that I (whose first language is Spanish) was ridiculing her accent. I was not. Anyway, I have invited Maria Elvira to my show to, hopefully, clear this up. Stay tuned for more.

It remains to be seen if Salazar will take up Rodriguez’s offer to be on his show, but no one could blame her if she took a pass. It is obvious Rodriguez is biased against her and finds her opponent better suited for the congressional seat.

We live now in a time where the media is making itself a part of the story. Unsatisfied with just reporting the news, we see reporters now actively and blatantly becoming advocates and mouthpieces for and against political candidates and political causes.

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  1. I’m no Salazar groupie, but WTF is this bitchy cheap-shot shit? The guy is anything but her “friend” but evidently a Dem shilling for Dem politicians, which is totally unbecoming for an ostensible journalist, let alone one of Cuban extraction. Of course, if a Supreme Court Justice like Bruja Ginsburg gets away with gratuitous, frankly partisan political statements, then anybody’s bound to do it.

    All this guy accomplishes is to sound snotty, catty, snide and backstabbing, like a PC fashion victim, as if he were desperately intent on showing he’s not one of “those people.” The thinly disguised swipe at old Cuban men at Versailles is a dead giveaway, and reeks of assimilated Cubanoid insecurity and pretensions (reminiscent of a certain inaugural poet). Sad, not to say despreciable.

    Another day, another embarrassment, as if we didn’t have enough already.

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