A Cuban American and his love for Corvettes

Cuban American Jose Lopez is a longtime reader of Babalú and a good friend who loves Corvettes. Jose got to share his enthusiasm for the classic American sports car at Corvette Online:

My Corvette Story: José Lopéz’ Corvette Enthusiasm Is Life-Sized, Even If His Corvettes Aren’t

I want to introduce the reader to how I came into this hobby. I like to refer to it as “Corvettedom”, that is the Corvette Kingdom. I am 36, and though I have not yet achieved my lifetime goal of owning a Corvette, I consider myself Corvette crazy.

I’d say around 1986/1987 is when the bug bit me. I was just a kid when the new Fourth-Generation or C4 Corvette debuted. I remember vividly, because there were convertibles in 1986, when the drop-top returned to the Corvette fold. Also, the wheels were missing the black center caps. Back then, in the Showroom of Anthony Abraham Chevrolet (later AutoNation Chevrolet), I recall telling my dad I wanted the black one, a coupe. My dad is a GM guy and I owe my Corvette obsession to him. At the time, he had a new 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Sport Coupe –  the base one. A little silver car without any frills or wide bodywork, it was a car that I loved. Despite its six-cylinder engine, it still had a nice little kick to it.

The Corvette always was, and currently remains my elusive dream car. I drooled over owning one all through my adolescent years and up into adult-hood. My heart is set on the C4 generation, specifically a ’91-’96. I attend shows, meets and races such as the Sebring 12 Hours. I have amassed a huge collection of models, books and memorabilia, with some very rare oddities in the collection. I Look to the future and God willing, to owning one someday.

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