Google signs MOU with Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship

Following its company motto, “Don’t be evil, unless we can make some money,” Google has signed a Memoranda of Understanding with Cuba’s communist dictatorship to provide services to the murderous Castro regime. What those services entail is not known, but if Google’s deal with communist China is any indication, it will provide tyrants with new tools of oppression.

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Google Signs Memoranda of Understanding With Four Cuban Organizations

What might those memoranda call for?

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel addressed the first annual meeting of Cuba’s IT professional society, the Unión de Informáticos de Cuba.

In his talk, Díaz-Canel announced that four Cuban organizations — the Havana City Historian’s Office, the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), Infomed, Cuba’s medical network, and the Ministry of Culture had signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with Google.

The Granma article on the talk did not say what the topics of those memoranda were, but Lorena Cantó of Agencia EFE told me she thinks the MOU with the Havana Historian’s Office will have something to do with Havana’s 500th anniversary and she reminded me of Google’s previous multimedia tribute to José Martí.

Canto also suggested that Google might be giving UCI access to Google Code and other tools. That would be cool, but involving them in an undersea cable project would be even better. Last June Senator Jeff Flake said Google was close to reaching an agreement with the Cuban government on a submarine cable, presumably from Havana to Florida. That would be of significant benefit to Cuba since their current fiber backbone connects to a cable landing point at the east end of the island, far from Havana and other populated areas. A second cable would improve performance today and reduce the future need for backbone infrastructure.

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