Spanish Socialist Prime Minister to visit Kingdom of Castrogonia

PM Sanchez and “president” Trucutu in New York

From our Former Colonial Bloodsucking Bigots Bureau

Spaniards have a very peculiar fixation on their former colony of Cuba

To this day — 120 years after they lost this highly profitable colony — many Spaniards still say “Cuba was a greater loss” any time they encounter some tragedy or disaster (más se perdió en Cuba).

So, it’s not all that surprising that Spain has been a stalwart partner of the Castro dictatorship, even when the Fascist Caudillo Francisco Franco was in command.

As everyone knows, Spanish hotel chains have made huge investments in Castro, Inc.’s apartheid industry, and millions of Spanish tourists continue to flock to its segregated beaches, where they bask in their superior status and have their whims catered by inferior noble savages, as in days of yore, before they lost possession of the island.

No surprise, then, that Spain’s current Prime Minister, a Socialist, has announced a trip to the former colony.

And no surprise, either, that the Prime Minister’s toadies are promoting this visit as “proof” of the fact that Socialist Spain is as progressive as the Vatican under Papa Che, the U.S. under Obama, France under Hollande, etc..

And when the Socialist Prime Minister is done kissing the collective ass of the Castro dynasty, the king and queen of Spain will soon follow in his footsteps.

Yes, when it comes to kissing Castro ass, Spain will not allow itself to be considered a slacker.

Roayl couple designated to kiss Castro ass

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

The Socialist Prime Minister of Spain,  Pedro Sanchez, will travel to Cuba on November 22 and 23, as promised in a previous meeting he held with the president of that country, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Sánchez met on September 25 with Díaz-Canel in New York, taking advantage of their participation in the opening of the new session of the UN General Assembly.

This late-November visit will be the first of an official character to Cuba of a Spanish Prime Minister since that of  socialist Felipe González  in 1986, which was preceded by the visit of Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez in September of 1978.

The ex-Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar (Popular Party, center-right) traveled to that country in 1999 with king Juan Carlos I on the occasion of the celebration of the Ibero-American summit of that year.

Since the meeting in New York of Sánchez and Díaz-Canel, the two administrations have been in contact to specify the dates of the visit.  The agenda for this visit has not yet been disclosed.

Sanchez and Diaz-Canel had agreed that the trip would take place as soon as possible, and now has finally been scheduled to coincide with two other trips of the Spanish Prime Minister to Latin America.

On November 15 and 16 he will participate in Antigua (Guatemala) at the Ibero-American summit and on November 30 and December 1 he will be in Buenos Aires on the occasion of the G20 summit.

The Socialist Spanish government has had to defend itself against charges of lagging behind other democratic countries that have sent their leaders to Cuba,  such as American president Barack Obama (in 2016), the Frenchman Francois Hollande and the Italian Matteo Renzi (in 2015) and the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (in 2015), and, most notably, the Vicar of Christ Pope Francis (in 2016).

The Spanish Executive hopes that this trip to Cuba will restore Spain’s honor and show the world that the country is just as enlightened as other European nations.

The Spanish Government emphasizes that with the arrival of Sánchez in power, foreign policy towards Latin America is being re-launched, as they believe was demonstrated in late August by Prime Minister Sanchez’s tour of four countries in the region: Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica .

Since the Socialist government of Spain is polishing its image by proclaiming the start of a new relationship with Latin America, they say that it would be wrong to leave Cuba out of the foreign strategy of Spanish diplomacy.

After Sanchez’s visit to Cuba, Felipe VI and Letizia kings are expected to travel to this country soon, in response to a long-standing invitation formulated by the Cuban government.

No complaints allowed

6 thoughts on “Spanish Socialist Prime Minister to visit Kingdom of Castrogonia”

  1. No comment is really necessary, since this is just the same old shit, different occasion. Sánchez is a vulgar opportunist and documented plagiarist, who wound up as PM due to Spain’s painfully dysfunctional political situation (which is at a third world level, only Spain doesn’t have the excuse of being a third world country). Precious few people respect him, even in Spain, and he’s very much in the Zapatero tradition. As for the king and his dubious queen, they’re ultimately symbolic, not to say decorative figures who have to go along with those holding real power, and the king’s father was always quite Castro-friendly, so it’s a family thing.

    Basically, Spain’s “problem” with Cuba is highly pathological and evidently incurable, or the Spanish are, and as the saying goes, “no pueden con su condición” (which is putting it kindly). They will keep pulling this sort of collaborationist crap as long as they can get away with it and it remains a net gain in material terms. No other country on earth has a greater obligation to do right by Cuba than Spain, so its hijeputez is uniquely despicable and contemptible. As I have said before, my blood is more Spanish that that of Spain’s king, and I am very, VERY ashamed of our “mother country.”

  2. As for the “más se perdió en Cuba” saying, Cuba was a major cash cow for Spain throughout the 19th century, and after most of the Spanish empire was lost in the first quarter of the century, the need to keep Cuba became a crucial priority. Spain didn’t promise to fight to its last man and its last peseta to prevent Cuba’s independence for nothing. It has never gotten over losing its “precious,” sort of like Gollum, and its neocolonialist fever reflects that–if it can’t own and control Cuba, it can at least profit off it as much as possible, because it feels entitled to do so, as it did it for centuries.

  3. Doesn’t our Sluggo look presidential in that photo? I’ve seen butchers look more distinguished. Sheesh.

  4. Cuba’s independence was a huge loss for Spain. As a colony, it was not a dependent parasite like Puerto Rico on the US, but generated MAJOR revenue for Mommy Dearest, and Spain took that for granted and counted on it. Alas, Spain hates the US more than it cares about Cuba, which explains why even a rabid anti-communist like Franco had an “understanding” with Castro. I expect Spain never actually cared about Cuba per se, but rather about what it could get from it, which is certainly the case now.

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