National media attempts to smear Cuban Americans and Miami Republicans over Pelosi protest

When South Florida Democrat candidates for U.S. congress Donna Shalala and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell invited U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, a Castro dictatorship supporter and sympathizer, to a campaign event in Miami, the backlash from the Cuban American community was expected and well deserved. If Shalala or Mucarsel-Powell knew and understood the constituency they want to represent in congress, they would have known better. But it is obvious neither of them do know better.

Although the invitation to Lee was rescinded and she never showed up, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the other invitee to the Miami campaign event, did. Since Pelosi is not a friend of the Cuban American community and their staunch opposition to communist tyranny in Cuba, she did not receive a warm welcome from the community. Activists and protestors showed up to voice their displeasure with Pelosi along with Shalala and Mucarsel-Powell for inviting her.

But when a couple of people who are not part of the Miami GOP joined other Republicans and Cuban American demonstrators outside the event and turned the protest into a physical altercation, the media was quick to lump everyone together. Those two protestors are members of the “Proud Boys,” are not affiliated with the Miami GOP, and instead support a dubious third candidate for Florida’s 27th congressional district.

Without finding out who these two people were, the media immediately associated them with the GOP and began reporting that a “Republican mob” had gone after Nancy Pelosi. Without a shred of evidence and with the facts stating otherwise, they went with a headline that supported their narrative.

Sarah Rumpf exposes the media’s attempted smear of the Miami GOP and Cuban Americans in Red State:

Media Misrepresents Pelosi Protest to Smear Miami Republicans

Two members of a nationalist group called the “Proud Boys” showed up at a public protest of a Democratic campaign event in Miami last Wednesday, and their actions are being used to unfairly smear Miami Republicans who not did not invite the Proud Boys and have nothing to do with that group. Missing in most of the media coverage of Wednesday’s events are key facts that show the distance between the Proud Boys and Miami Republicans.


In response to Shalala’s planned event with Pelosi and Lee, local Republicans planned to protest the event. After the outcry, Lee cancelled her appearance but Pelosi still showed up. Multiple eyewitness confirmed several dozen local Miami Republican activists showed up — plus the two “Proud Boys,” Enrique Tarrio and Alex Gonzalez.

The video of the rally has since gone viral, and shows the two Proud Boys yelling profanities at Pelosi — “look at this piece of sh** Pelosi” and “you don’t belong here, you f***ing communist,” among other comments — and rushing forward at her as she is escorted inside the event. After she is inside, several people are seen banging on the closed door.


Predictably, much of the media coverage has failed to draw a distinction between the actions of the two Proud Boys and the Miami Republicans, with Democrats falling all over themselves to attack Republicans as fostering or encouraging the extremist hatred of the Proud Boys, and blaming them for the actions of two men.

One particularly egregious headline comes courtesy of Think Progress, which flat out accused Diaz of having planned the Pelosi protest with Proud Boys. “Another Republican is connected to the far-right hate group,” accuses the sub-headline.


Not only are the Miami Republicans completely unaffiliated with the Proud Boys, these two Proud Boys have publicly criticized the local Republicans and are publicly supporting an independent candidate for the District 27 seat, Mayra Joli.

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