‘Sonic attacks’ on American diplomats in Cuba and China: A victim tells her story


An in-depth report on one of the victims targeted by the mysterious “sonic attacks” on American diplomats.

Josh Lederman reports in NBC News:

Evacuated after ‘health attacks’ in Cuba and China, diplomats face new ordeals in U.S.

Some diplomats and their doctors tell NBC they’re concerned the U.S. wants to downplay what happened. Some suspect harassment has continued inside the U.S.

Alone in her bed in a sprawling Chinese metropolis, Catherine Werner was jolted awake one night by a pulsing, humming sound. It seemed to be coming from a specific direction.

Perhaps the A.C. unit in her upscale Guangzhou apartment was malfunctioning, the American diplomat thought. But at the same moment, she also noticed intense pressure in her head.

The sounds and sensations returned, night after night, for months. When Werner’s health began declining in late 2017 — vomiting, headaches, loss of balance — she brushed it off at first, thinking China’s polluted air and water were getting to her.

It wasn’t until months later — after her mother, Laura Hughes, grew alarmed, flew in from the U.S. and then got sick, too — that Werner was medevaced from China back to the States. Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania found a vision disorder, a balance disorder and an “organic brain injury” — diagnoses similar to those of 26 U.S. diplomats and spies in Cuba who started hearing strange sounds and falling ill in late 2016.

In May, the State Department issued an ominous health alert: It had “medical confirmation” that a worker in China was affected.

The United States faced a troubling question: Had whatever happened to the Americans in Cuba spread?

What follows is the first comprehensive account of the extraordinary chain of events set off by a suspected “health attack,” as the U.S. calls the mysterious phenomena, on a U.S. worker abroad.

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