American diplomats who were victims of ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba and China are being harassed in the U.S.

American diplomats who were victims of the mysterious “sonic attacks” in communist Cuba and China say they are being harassed here in the U.S. Six of the more than two dozen victims say their homes are being broken into and they are being followed by unknown persons.

It is likely no coincidence the harassment these victims are experiencing here in the U.S. is very similar to the harassment they received on a daily basis in Cuba and China. In Cuba, Castro State Security maintains constant surveillance on American diplomats and regularly breaks into their residences.

Considering the expansive spy network the Cuban dictatorship has operating in the U.S. and its close ties to communist China, the possible suspects behind this harassment become quite clear.

Via The Daily Beast:

Victims of Cuba and China ‘Health Attacks’ Say They’re Being Harassed in U.S.

Victims of the mysterious “health attacks” on U.S. diplomatic staff in Cuba and China have spoken out for the first time, and some say they’ve been harassed and had their homes broken into since returning home to America. More than 25 diplomatic staffers have complained about the attacks that allegedly used high-pitch sounds and waves that cause headaches and nausea. Victims complained of intense pressure inside their heads and doctors say some have been left with permanent brain damage. Back in the U.S. after being withdrawn from their posts, at least six of the evacuated Americans have reported suspected harassment or surveillance inside the U.S. to the FBI, according to NBC News. Some have found items moved or tampered with in their homes, lights and TVs turned on that had been left off, and some report being followed by strangers. Cuba and China deny any role in the health attacks and the U.S. has yet to name a culprit.