Ambassador Nikki Haley: The UN’s shameful support of Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship

Ambassador Nikki Haley will be sorely missed at the UN.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in The Miami Herald:

The UN general assembly’s shameful support of Cuba | Miami Herald

They hold a parade of hypocrisy every year about this time in the United Nations General Assembly.

Cuba sponsors a resolution blaming the island’s poverty, repression, and lack of freedom on the United States economic embargo. The resolution doesn’t help a single Cuban family. It doesn’t feed a single Cuban child. It doesn’t free a single Cuban political prisoner. But virtually every country still votes for it – last year only the United States and Israel stood in opposition.

This year, the United States did something different. We gave the UN the opportunity to actually do something about the horrendous human rights conditions in Cuba. We offered a series of amendments that affirmed the Cuban people’s right to speak freely; their right to not be imprisoned for their political beliefs; and their right to the fruits of their labor, among others.

The resulting vote was a prime example of why the American people are deservedly reluctant to send their tax dollars to the United Nations.

Only three nations out of 193 supported affirming the human rights of Cubans. No doubt, many of the countries who voted in opposition thought they were poking the United States in the eye. But all they were really doing is proving, once again, the necessity of continued U.S. leadership on human rights in Cuba – because no else will do it. When the UN had the opportunity to show its own leadership, it refused to take it.

The Castro dictatorship denies the Cuban people the most basic human rights and freedoms. Uncooperative journalists and opponents of the regime are arrested and even killed. The Cuban economy is rigged in favor of the ruling elite. The Cuban government has the absolute authority to restrict travel inside Cuba and to determine who gets to leave.

Each year, many countries acknowledge this lack of freedom, even as they vote blindly for a resolution that absolves the dictatorship of any responsibility for it.

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