At least 16 Ladies in White violently arrested in Cuba in another Sunday of brutal repression

Lady in White Caridad Burunate is arrested upon leaving her home in Matanzas, Cuba on November 4, 2018 – Photo: Ivan Hernandez Carrillo @ivanlibre

Human rights activist and Lady in White Lourdes Esquivel reports from Havana, Cuba that at least 16 Ladies in White were arrested this Sunday in another weekend of violent repression by Castro State Security. Seven women were arrested in Matanzas and nine in Havana, including Ladies in White leader Berta Soler along with her husband Angel Moya.

Both Soler and Moya, according to Esquivel, are missing and have not been released by State Security.

Esquivel noted the arrests this past Sunday were unusually brutal, surpassing the violence of previous arrests. While some of the women have already been released, others remain in custody of Cuban State Security and sequestered from family, friends, and fellow activists.

This is the so-called change in Cuba so many people are touting, which happens to look exactly the same as the brutally repressive and totalitarian Cuba of the past 60 years.