The Castro dictatorship has transformed Cuba into a Party-State, not a Nation-State

For Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, it has never been about Cuba or Cubans. For the Castro family, the only thing that matters is the Communist Party, which they completely control. Loyalty must be pledged to the Party, not the nation. You are not allowed to be a Cuban, loyal to and proud of your nation. You must be a loyal and obedient subject of the Party, or risk ruin, prison, and even death.

Roberto Alvarez Quiñones in Diario de Cuba:

From the Nation-State to the Party-State

From a legal perspective, the Cuban state is a historical/juridical aberration, an anomaly that runs contrary to reason, human nature and justice. This fact, downplayed or utterly ignored by academics, comes to the fore as a result of the new Constitution through which Raúl Castro wishes to burnish the image of his Party-State, which is, essentially, a poorly disguised version of an absolute monarchy, an illegitimate hybridization, as it does not emanate from the people’s will. And the Party/State did not arise as a product of the state’s natural historical evolution. Rather, it is false, imposed by force.


The hybrid deviation: “I am the State”

However, this historical evolution of the state, as explained, produced an offshoot: the party/state, which rose to power in 1917 following the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. As soon as Lenin took power, the Communist Party swallowed up the state, and supplanted it. What had been a political party became something else, as party and state melded, a pattern that was repeated in the 35 countries where Communism was imposed, including Cuba. Those peoples subjected to “real socialism”, in fact, regressed to a form of absolute monarchy, in which the state was everything and the individual, nothing.

The Florentine Nicolás Machiavelli, considered the father of modern political science, used the word “state” for the first time in 1513, in his book The Prince. He called it stato, from the Latin status, citing the concept of raison d’Etre to justify certain governmental measures, even if they were illegal, or abusive, to maintain the established order or to defeat enemies and dissidents. In this way Machiavelli pointed to the possibility of an authoritarian modus operandi, one which Marxism/Leninism embraced, as did fascism.

But none of the theoretical architects of the modern state –John Locke, Montesquieu, Adam Smith, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson, or even Thomas Hobbes or Machiavelli himself– imagined that one day a type of political party would cease to be so when it rose to power, and actually become the state itself.

The Communist Party/State of Cuba, forged by Fidel Castro in his image and likeness, is a massive state-administrative-ideological- paramilitary apparatus of a repressive nature, whose mission is to maintain the people’s “revolutionary loyalty” at all costs, through imperious social control, intimidation –whether covert or explicit, against activists or non-activists– and a constant barrage of propaganda.

If there is a regime that perfectly embodies the spirit of King Louis XIV of France’s famous statement “L’Etat, c’est moi” (“I am the State”), it is the Communist Party, in which the party is the state itself, the two being one.

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