Cuban Americans in South Florida overwhelmingly voted GOP, helped keep Florida red

Once again, Cuban Americans in South Florida were instrumental in keeping Florida from turning blue. And at least until the next election, Cuban Americans will continue to be hated and despised by liberals for refusing to reside on the Democrat plantation and march in lockstep with other obedient Latinos.

By a margin of 2-to-1, predominately Cuban American districts in South Florida voted for Republican Ron Desantis over Democrat Andrew Gillum, pushing the GOP candidate over the top in a very close race for governor. The large margin of victory in favor of the Republican gubernatorial candidate may have been because Desantis had a Miami-based Cuban American as his running mate (Jeanette Nuñez).

However, it is also likely Andrew Gillum’s open embrace of socialism and his promise to implement socialist policies if elected played a role. Espousing socialism in a community that suffered greatly under socialism is a quick an easy way to earn votes against you.

Our good friend Giancarlo Sopo has an excellent analysis of the Cuban American vote this midterm in Politico’s Florida Playbook:

DID CUBANS KEEP FLORIDA RED? This was such a fascinating nugget from Giancarlo Sopo, communications consultant and friend of Florida Playbook, so we asked him to type it up for your reading pleasure: “An analysis of voting results in Miami-Dade County’s 35 most Cuban precincts shows that Cuban Americans were critical to keeping Florida red this year. As recent polling showed, Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis and his running mate, Jeannette Nuñez, won 66% of the vote in the predominantly Cuban precincts located in the suburbs of western Miami-Dade and Hialeah. DeSantis’ 33-percentage point advantage among Cubans over Democrat Andrew Gillum was a 16-point improvement for Republicans from Donald Trump’s 57 to 40 percent lead over Hillary Clinton and a key to his success. Had DeSantis merely mirrored Trump’s 2016 Cuban performance, the Democrats’ lead in Miami-Dade County would have widened by approximately 78,000 votes and left DeSantis with a 0.4% statewide deficit.” Read the spreadsheet here

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  1. It’s great Cuban voters made a serious difference for the better, but it defies belief they could even consider voting for anyone with socialist tendencies or with major Clinton ties, let alone for Hillary Clinton herself. Yes, such Cubans are bound to exist, but they should be a very small minority, and it seems fairly clear their number is not as small as it should be. Vamos bien.

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