Castro dictatorship moves two Cuban political prisoners into punishment cells for denouncing regime from prison

That kinder and gentler Castro dictatorship the media, “Cuba Experts,” the Obama Bros™, and even congressman have been trying to sell us on doesn’t seem all that kinder or gentler after all.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Another two political prisoners moved to punishment cells for denouncing regime from their prisons in Cuba

Cuban authorities have retaliated against two political prisoners for denouncing the horrible conditions and the violations committed at the penitentiaries where they are being held.

Manuel de Jesus Rodriguez Garcia is now in a punishment cell at the 5 y Medio prison in Pinar del Rio and has been held there since October 30, said the mother of the opposition member to Radio Martí.

Nilda Garcia said that “some police officers showed up” in the prison ward where he was being held and took her son to a “punishment cell” because “he had made a phone call” to a representative of a human rights organization.

“This is strictly prohibited,” said the prison authorities and added that was the reason her son would spend the next 15 days in isolation, according to the mother of another inmate held in the same prison.

Rodriguez Garcia is serving an 8-year sentence on charges of “contempt and defamation against the institutions and organizations, heroes and martyrs of the Republic of Cuba.”

In a separate case, authorities also retaliated against political prisoner Yosvany Sanchez Valenciano for making denouncements from the maximum security prison of Combinado del Este in Havana.

Sanchez Valenciano now faces three months in a punishment cell and two years without phone calls, said the coordinator for the Havana-based Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), Zaqueo Baez Guerrero, to Radio Martí.

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