Where is Alejandro Castro Espin?: More rumors of the Cuban dictator’s son suspect removal from power

Camilo Loret de Mola in Diario de Cuba:

Alejandro Castro Espín: Credible Rumors

Since the month of March there have been stories out of Havana about the dismissal of Alejandro Castro Espín. These are accounts that do not belie what was published in The New Yorker, but that offer a different angle on the story and, perhaps, another of the causes that spurred Raúl Castro to dispense with his heir apparent.

It all began at the end of 2017, when a number of business owners, independent investors and nouveau richeCubans appeared in exile, like fugitives.

They ended up settling permanently on the opposite side of the water, although this meant an abrupt disconnection from the sources of their wealth. They had decided to abandon their small but thriving businesses operating on the Island, with permits and the regime’s assent.

The new emigrants complained about the newly appointed “Grand Inquisitor,” Colonel Alejandro Castro Espín, who, from his offices of the National Defense and Security Council, had unleashed an offensive against self-employed workers and private businessmen, arguing that they were most responsible for the corruption that had devastated the country.

According to these sudden fugitives, Alejandro’s attacks did not even spare those close to the regime, or family businesses.

For the first time they were investigating and even imprisoning friends of Fidel’s children, associates with children of generals and ministers, and even former Government leaders or retirees.

The anecdotes spoke of arrests of figures as renowned as Héctor Rodríguez Llompart, the former President of the National Bank of Cuba, and the son of Abelardo Colomé Ibarra “Furry”, the Interior Minister and a key crony of Raúl’s.

Paradoxically, these kinds of Cubans had been the main inspiration for exiles who opted not to flee Cuba, but rather for repatriation, settling again on the island to operate small private businesses.

In March of 2018 many of the recent exiles reconsidered a possible return when it was revealed that Colonel Castro Espín had been fired and utterly erased, surprisingly, by his own father.

Everyone wanted to go back, but they sought second opinions before daring to do so. Although, in the end, it was they who had the most elements, and those who knew the most about the case.

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  1. Some people should never have any power, let alone serious power, because they will invariably fuck things up, even if that means sinking themselves, and the “dauphin” may well be such a person. Time will tell, because these bastards never do.

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