Russia’s Putin steps in to bail out the ‘Troika of Tyranny’: Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua

The corrupt Castro dictatorship has a decades-long history of partnering up with Russia to foment trouble in the region and throughout the world. It should come as no surprise then that Russia’s Putin has once again set his eyes on Cuba and the Castro regime’s client states, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

As long as the world continues ignoring the Cuban dictatorship’s instrumental role in creating chaos and destroying democracy in Latin America, the region will continue to suffer and deteriorate.

Via Second Line of Defense:

Putin Bails Out the Troika of Tyranny

Recently John Bolton, Director of the National Security Council, gave a speech attacking what he called the Troika of Tyranny: Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and announcing new sanctions on these states.

Perhaps it is not coincidental that Bolton’s speech, announcing a new tough-minded U.S. policy towards Latin America, coincided with Vladimir Putin’s actions to bail out these allies of Moscow.

Certainly it is no coincidence that they are allies of Moscow.  Putin’s actions merely confirm what observers have long known, namely that he is challenging the U.S. in Latin America just as he believes Washington is challenging Russia on its peripheries.

Not only are these states classic Latin American authoritarian if not dictatorial regimes, Nicaragua and Venezuela are either close to being or actually are failing states.

Venezuelan energy production has collapsed along with the national economy thanks to the kleptocratic and misguided policies of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. Almost 2,000,000 people have fled Venezuela in the last three years creating a major refugee problem across Latin America that could become a crisis for Latin America and the U.S. Inflation on a year on year basis has reached 488.865% as of September 2018 so it is clear this is a failing state yet its leaders refuse to allow reforms.

Worse yet Venezuela is  what the Center or Strategic and International  Studies calls a Mafia state, the hub of a wide range of smuggling and narcotics trafficking operations throughout the Americas.

Similarly the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INCSR)  reported that Nicaragua remains a primary drug transport route despite the fact that part of Russian aid is supposedly training its military and police to conduct counter-drug operations.

Given what we know of the Moscow-Managua relationship it is more likely that Russian advisors if not forces are involved with their Nicaraguan partners in this trade.

But like Venezuela it is on the verge of fragmentation as popular anger over Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship and corruption have grown to a very high level.

Given these three states’ addiction to personalist, “socialist” and intrinsically anti-American policies it is hardly surprising that Moscow has used them over the years to run guns to insurgent movements and terrorists across Latin America, and in 2008 tried to use Venezuela to unseat the Colombian government allied to the U.S.

Moscow has also sought to use these states as the basis for implanting itself economically in Latin America, primarily in energy sectors, but also to use their media as a platform for flooding the continent with an anti-American information campaign that is part of Russia’s larger global IW campaign.

Finally since 2014 if not earlier, Russia has been seeking to get naval and/or air bases in Nicaragua and Venezuela. More recently, in meetings with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Putin and Canel pledged to increase integration between Moscow and Latin American nations in general, no doubt with Cuba once again trying to play or playing a leading role in that process.

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