Will Smith gets jiggy with it in apartheid Cuba, runs marathon sponsored by Castro dictatorship

Et tu Will? Not that anyone really expected Will Smith to be any different than other ignorant Hollywood celebrities, but it’s not like we need anymore of them. Unfortunately, Will Smith becomes at best just another oblivious star who has lent his fame to Cuba’s vile and murderous apartheid dictatorship.

It should be noted that while Smith was running his marathon in Havana this past Sunday, Afro-Cuban women from the Ladies in White were being viciously beaten and arrested. Like Smith, they, too, took to the streets of Havana. But unlike Smith, the Ladies in White were there to peacefully protest the apartheid regime, paying a heavy price for it.

Smith, on the other hand, was there to have a great time. While he was busy yucking it up for the cameras and providing valuable propaganda for the Cuban dictatorship, Afro-Cuban women were being assaulted and detained just for thinking differently.

Via Xinhua:

Will Smith runs through streets of Havana in Marabana marathon

Despite the rain, American actor Will Smith, star of “Men in Black” and numerous other Hollywood blockbusters, donned his running gear to run through the streets of Havana, Cuba on Sunday.

Smith became the first top U.S. actor to participate in the Marabana, the most popular marathon in Cuba that gathers thousands of runners from across the Caribbean nation and other countries and regions for full and half marathons each year.

“This edition has many special elements, but there is one that has marked this year’s marathon, that is the presence of famed American actor Will Smith, who ran the half marathon,” the head of the organizing committee, Carlos Gattorno, told Xinhua.

Smith was one of some 6,000 runners, including 1,496 foreigners, many from the United States (278) as well as Mexico (90) and France (84), to run the circuit.

The actor trained lightly the day before along the capital’s El Prado promenade, and set off from the starting line at the stroke of 7 a.m. local time, smiling and looking confident as curious onlookers watched from the sidelines.

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2 thoughts on “Will Smith gets jiggy with it in apartheid Cuba, runs marathon sponsored by Castro dictatorship”

  1. Why would Will Smith do better than Rihanna or the Z couple, not to mention the Congressional Black Caucus? Why would he do better than the Rolling Stones, who didn’t even remotely need to soil themselves with Castro collusion, except to satisfy their vanity? Heaven forbid celebrities forego any self-indulgence. But it’s OK, because Smith would never have done this in apartheid South Africa, so he’s covered.

  2. We should stop expecting black Americans to “get it,” not only because the evidence is overwhelmingly against that happening, but because they have the perfect dispensation for buying the official Castro lie, I mean line: the great sacred cow Mandela, who swallowed that line hook, line and sinker and promoted it loudly and publicly, even in Miami.

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