Japi San Giben a todos !

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Japi San Giben a todos!  

“Thanksgiving” can be pronounced in various ways by Cubans: San Givin, San Given, San Giben, San Guifin… etc.

There are endless possibilities when one’s tongue isn’t trained to deal with English words with roots in Anglo-Saxon rather than Latin.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that most Cubans will call it “San” something, as if it were a saint’s feast day.

And that’s most appropriate, given that most Cuban exiles are very thankful for having escaped the hell-hole their country became in 1959.

There’s an odor of sanctity to Thanksgiving.. and it doesn’t emanate from the quintessential American sacrificial victim, that damn turkey in the oven.

It’s the smell of freedom.

Cubans who live in Cuba face a destiny very similar to that of all the turkeys in the U.S. that end up being slaughtered every November.

Chop, chop, chop.  They exist solely for the oligarchs who control every aspect of their lives.

Cubans who have escaped are as free as the turkeys that roam the woods around my house in huge flocks.

Gobble, gobble… They make the funniest sounds, continually, unfettered, carefree.

I saw those turkeys yesterday, and there were so many of them, they blocked my road.

They were not intimidated by my car.

They reminded me of the freedom that I’ve been celebrating for 56 consecutive Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.

That’s the same number of years as the lifespan of the old Cuban republic destroyed by the Castro dynasty.

And 39 days from today that dynasty will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of their ascension to the throne and the creation of Castrogonia.

It boggles the mind.  My mind, anyway.

So thanks be to God. Muchisimas gracias. Mille grazie.  Vielen Dank…. etc.

Thanks for the 56 Thanksgivings, Lord.  Thanks for the freedom.  Thanks for all the blessings.

Please, Lord, extend those blessings to our fellow Cubans who still live under the monstrous tyranny of the Castro dynasty.

Por favor.


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