Shocking! Marxism in Cuba exploits workers

Of course, this piece of news is not shocking to Cubans.  They know all too well that the Castro regime is a bloodsucking monopoly that turns everyone on the island into a slave.

But most of the rest of the world is unaware of the insidious abuse to which Cubans are subjected or of the way in which Cuban “Marxism” is a billion times more exploitative than any capitalist enterprise.

In the wake of the “Mais Medicos” scandal in Brazil, Spain’s ABC explains the abuse of Cuban labor succinctly, in terms that even the most idiotic Marxist can understand.

The incredible situation of Cubans who work for foreign companies or activities is well known on the island. There are some 40,000 Cubans working for mixed or foreign companies, in hundreds of projects. Cuba opened the doors to foreign firms in its day for its avid currency, but made the rules clear.

Foreign firms must pay in dollars directly to the regime, and the latter pays in Cuban pesos to employees. In real terms, for every dollar that the Cuban regime charges the foreign firm, it pays its worker the equivalent of 8 cents. The “philosophy” is to avoid that the Cuban who works for foreigners earn more than the rest of their fellow citizens. The average monthly salary in Cuba is 466 pesos, about 20 dollars.

The practice is very lucrative for the Cuban Communist Party, which controls all instances of power on the island. But it produces a surreal situation for every coherent Marxist observer. The praxis of Havana makes the PC the largest exploitative capitalist in the country, by appropriating an immense surplus value from the work of the workers.

The surplus value, also known as plus-value, was defined by Marx in his work Das Kapital as the unpaid value of the work of the worker who creates a surplus product of which the entrepreneur becomes owner, thus originating the essence of capitalist exploitation or accumulation.

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