Spanish president’s trip to Cuba ignored by Castro Ministry of Truth

Sánchez and Trucutu

From our Annals of the Ministry of Truth Bureau

Ha!  Shocking!  How dare they!

Castronoid news media have paid scant attention to Spanish President Pedro Sánchez during his visit to Cuba, relegating the event to second- and third-class significance on television, radio, and newspapers.

The Ministry of Truth’s main news outlet, “Granma” added insult to injury by publishing a photo of a chair once owned by Cuban War of Independence hero Antonio Maceo, which Sánchez  returned to the island, but publishing no photos whatsoever of the Socialist Spanish president.

In contrast, news media in Spain and around the world have been highlighting Sánchez ‘s visit as a hugely significant event.

What is one to make of this odd imbalance?  Nothing much, probably, other than the fact that the Castro Ministry of Truth prefers to downplay the obvious fact that Castrogonia has become a Spanish colony again, and that the capitalist Spaniards who do business with “socialist” Castro, Inc. reap huge profits thanks to Cuban slave labor.

Castronoid oligarchs venerate chair returned to Cuba by Spanish President.

Spain’s ABC shines a bright light on this imbalance:

Despite the fact that Pedro Sánchez has described his recently concluded trip to Cuba as “historic”, the island’s regime has relegated it to a second place these days, without a large institutional deployment and with very limited attention in the official media.

Upon his arrival in Havana, the President of the Spanish Government and the rest of the Spanish delegation were received at the José Martí airport by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rogelio Sierra, rather than Minister Bruno Rodriguez…

Sanchez’s trip has not been the main news these days on Cuban Television, or in “Granma”, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC)… On its website, the trip was announced with a brief note and both on Friday and Saturday.  In contrast, celebrations of  the second anniversary of the death of Fidel Castro on November 25 and the arrival on the island of Cuban doctors returned from Brazil have received top attention, eclipsing the presence of Pedro Sánchez…

…To find information on Sanchez’s trip one must go to the second page, where there are two news items dedicated to that topic, one titled “Expression of historical and growing ties” and another “Cuba and Spain bet on more dynamic bilateral trade.”  There are no photographs of the president of the Spanish Government, only an image of the chair of General Antonio Maceo, one of the Cuban heroes in the struggle for the independence of Spain, that Sanchez handed over in Havana to the official “historian” of the city, Eusebio Leal.

Whole story HERE, in Spanish


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  1. Sánchez is a crass arriviste who was never actually elected president, and practically nobody respects him. He’s probably seen as a temporary placeholder who can’t be taken very seriously. Also, one of the major items on his agenda for this visit was to get Castro, Inc. to pay for the more than 300 million euros it owes Spanish businesses, and that may have gone over like a lead balloon. Basically, the guy’s an aggressive wannabe who doesn’t have the goods and can’t deliver them. The Castro people may well see him as not much different from a Ben Rhodes.

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