Spain and Cuba: Colonialism Redux

In conjunction with the recent visit to Cuba by Spain’s socialist president Pedro Sánchez (seen above with his wife and Old Havana tour guide, Eusebio Leal), the leftist Spanish paper El País published an interview with the aforementioned Leal. A well-known Castro apparatchik and so-called historian of the city of Havana, Leal’s academic credentials are highly dubious, but his drive as an operator is real enough.

This was, of course, a typical official statement by a longtime member of the Castro establishment to congenial media. It contained the practically obligatory condemnation of the American embargo and Trump’s Cuba policy, some lame and embarrassing chest-beating, and plenty of sucking up to Spain in general and Spanish business interests in particular.

None of that would have been worth notice or mention here, but one bit stood out like a gangrenous thumb. Leal, ever the salesman, made his a phrase which figured prominently in a brutally frank opinion piece in El País last year, which more than deserved a previous post on this blog. Leal’s phrase was Spain should not lose Cuba a second time, an indignity beneath contempt in the mouth of a Cuban.

I do not know if he was deliberately parroting that earlier piece, but it makes no difference. The connotations and implications of such a statement, no matter who makes it, are so “messed up” or twisted as to constitute an abomination–though Leal is widely regarded as a “benign” Castro operative.

El País, however, knew that was the money quote from the interview and made it the headline for the whole piece. Well, as bad as the Spanish surely are, we must confess Cubans themselves can be the same or worse.

Lord have mercy.

3 thoughts on “Spain and Cuba: Colonialism Redux”

  1. There he is, showing the vestiges of the colonial and republican era, both capitalistic eras responsable for all of the city’s development and long faded elegance, amidst rampant communist destruction.

    Then again, such dystopian decay was caused by leftists and affects latins, so the grotesquely criminal destruction of Cuba is rather “romantic” and, of course, someone else’s fault.

    The likes of CNN would say “Visit Cuba before it is ruined”….

  2. Leal talks a good game and is personable enough, but he hasn’t been a player for 40 years because he’s a “nice guy.” Nobody has that kind of career in Castrogonia unless he’s sufficiently useful to the dictatorship and very dependable politically. That’s why, for instance, he signed a 2003 public letter justifying the Black Spring of that year, including summary executions for trying to escape from the island (other signers included Alicia Alonso, Omara Portuondo, Silvio Rodríguez and Chucho Valdés).

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