Senator Marco Rubio calls for stronger U.S. response to sonic attacks in Cuba

With Canada reconsidering its response to the sonic attacks carried out against their diplomats in Castrogonia, Senator Marco Rubio has renewed his call for more drastic sanctions against the Castro regime.

Whether or not anyone in the Trump administration is listening remains to be seen.

But the noise generated by Senator Rubio is nice to hear, and a welcome kind of sonic counter attack to a monstrous regime that has no regard for human life.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) said the United States should find additional ways to punish Cuba after the Canadian government confirmed that one of their diplomats assigned to Havana developed the same mysterious health problems that nearly two dozen U.S. personnel and other Canadian diplomats experienced.

Canada’s government on Thursday announced it is reviewing its diplomatic presence in Cuba after confirming that the staff member was affected. Medical tests showed that the person suffered from the same health issues that had affected a dozen other Canadian personnel, spouses, and their children, officials said.

“Once again we have learned that the Cuban government has failed to keep foreign diplomats, both American and Canadian, safe on their own soil,” Rubio said Friday. “And as I have long said, nothing happens in Cuba that the regime does not know about.”

“There should be no doubt that these attacks against foreign diplomats on Cuban soil are not simply accidents,” he added. “The families of those affected and the international community deserve answers, and the U.S. should look at additional policy options to hold the Cuban regime accountable for the ongoing harm being done to foreign diplomats and their families.”

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