President of Guyana falls for Castro propaganda, seeks medical treatment in Cuba

David Granger

From our Monumentally Awful Decisions Bureau

Whoa, Mildred!  Look at this!

Who in their right mind would seek to have their cancer treated in Cuba, after seeing what happened to Hugo Chavez?

The late Venezuelan dictator was dumb enough to trust Cuban doctors — despite the fact that his friend Fidel imported European doctors for himself — and look what happened to him.

In essence, those inept Cuban doctors killed him.

And now another president from South America is seeking a cure from the same doctors, despite their awful track record.  And his treatment will require frequent trips to Castrogonia.

Well, Mildred, this is too sad for words.

The only thing that is good about Castrogonia’s health system is the propaganda generated for it by the Castro regime.

President Granger returning to Guyana after cancer treatment in Havana

From Caribbean 360:

President David Granger is scheduled to return to Cuba tomorrow for further medical intervention, after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the Spanish-speaking nation last month.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon made the announcement after a Cabinet meeting, stressing that while Granger was heeding the advice of his team of Cuban specialist doctors to reduce his workload and scale back public engagements, he “remains in command and control of the business of the state”.

“The president is having meetings. He is giving directions. He is much better than when he left for Cuba [last month]. The treatment regime will require him going to Cuba on a number of occasions,” Harmon added.

He continued that the government “continues to work assiduously to ensure that his visions are kept”…

…President Granger returned to Guyana from Cuba on November 20 after spending almost three weeks in Cuba where he was tested and treated at the Centro de Investigaciones Medico Quirugicas (CIMEQ) in Havana.

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Chavez in Havana hospital