Family of Canadian tourist trapped in Castro court system decry ‘injustice that prevails in Cuba’

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Once again, the Canadian press is paying attention to one of their own whose apartheid privileges are being abused by the Castro regime.

Ay!  Imagine this if you can: A Canadian tourist is being treated as if he were a Cuban!

Sacre merde des chiens de Saint-Lazare-des-béquilles!

How dare those nasty subhuman Cubans treat a Canadian this way, especially one who proudly posed for a photo under Che’s image in Havana, one of the largest icons on earth, bigger even than “Touchdown Jesus” at the University of Notre Dame.

The “injustice that prevails in Cuba” should not affect Canadians.  No way.  Canadian tourists who go there to enjoy apartheid resorts deserve immunity from such injustice.  After all, they ARE superior beings.

Never mind the fact that relatives of this trapped Canadian feel like Castrogonia is stuck “in the middle ages.

That backwardness is perfectly alright for the Cubans who serve the millions of Canadians who enjoy dream holidays on the island slave plantation without giving a second thought to the repression and deprivations imposed on all Cubans by their murderous rulers.

Such backwardness should be expected from savages.  But it should not be an impediment to apartheid tourism!

Sadly and predictably, their protests in Quebec will have no positive impact whatsoever.

Don’t expect any Canadians to cancel their plans for a Cuban “holiday.”  And don’t expect the Canadian government to stop loving and helping the Castro regime.

Most probably, these protests will only serve to heighten the feelings of superiority and the bigotry that so many Canadian tourists to Castrogonia already harbor in their hearts and minds.

From CTV News

Protesters gathered outside a Cuban tourism office in Montreal to support a father who’s been stuck in Cuba for over a year — and faces a second trial on Monday for his involvement in a fatal boating accident.

During a family trip to Cuba in July 2017, Montreal resident Toufik Benhamiche was driving a boat that veered out of control and killed an Ontario woman. He was charged and convicted of criminal negligence causing death.

Benhamiche was released from custody after both his conviction and his four-year prison sentence were overturned by Cuba’s top court.

“It was fantastic news for me. And at that time, I felt the nightmare was finishing,” Benhamiche told CTV Montreal from Cuba.

He and his lawyer have alleged that he was given very little direction on how to operate the boat.

But even though his conviction was overturned last summer, Benhamiche was not allowed to go home. On Monday, he will be tried again for criminal negligence, after a second trial was ordered.

On Sunday, more than 50 protesters gathered in Montreal to demand the Canadian and Cuban governments do more to get him home.

“It could happen to anyone, like any tourist who has been there. And to see the injustice that prevails in Cuba, we had to do something,” said protester Linda Pelleri.

Benhamiche’s wife, Kahina Bensaadi, told CTV Montreal that the situation has been “very difficult.” Although her husband isn’t in jail, she said it’s like he is in one.

“It’s like if you’re in jail if you can’t work, you can’t see your family, you can’t kiss your two daughters every night,” she said, adding that she doesn’t trust the system in Cuba.

“It’s the same judges who ignored the law a year-and-a-half before,” Bensaadi said. “It’s completely unrealistic. They ignore everything. We feel we are in the middle ages.

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  1. The only solution is for Canadians to vacation elsewhere, but it appears they’re too stupid for that, if not worse.

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