More evidence of ‘sonic attacks’ on U.S. diplomats in Cuba emerges

Since more than two dozen American diplomats stationed in communist Cuba suffered serious injuries after mysterious attacks, there has been wild speculation about who and what was behind the attacks. Dubbed “sonic attacks” because all the victims reported hearing strange sounds during the assault, apologists for the Castro dictatorship have blamed everything from Cuban crickets to mass hysteria.

While we still do not know what weapon was used against the American diplomats, we now know that all of them suffered damage to their inner ear. Such damage implies the energy directed at the Americans was some type of sound energy (via Buzzfeed News):

In the new study, released on Wednesday, a team of blast injury experts led by otolaryngologist Michael Hoffer of the University of Miami report on the first examinations of diplomatic personnel, 15 men and 10 women. The most common injury was dizziness, the study found, and 100% of the diplomats bore signs of an inner ear injury.

Just like past investigations, the researchers were unable to pin down a cause of the damage, but they said a sonic weapon was possible.

“It does not seem imprudent to speculate that a highly specific unidentified energy exposure, perceived as a sound or pressure, could be producing an inner ear disturbance or demonstrate findings suggestive of a mild traumatic brain injury,” the study concludes.

You can read the rest of the Buzzfeed story here, but all you will find is a desperate attempt to discredit the study and steer the conversation away from the Castro dictatorship. It seems what the media and “Cuba Experts” would like you to believe is although all signs point to a sinister plot by a Cuban regime with a decades-long history of heinous and terrorist activity, there is really no reason to believe the Castro dictatorship is behind this.