They write letters… – Cuba’s cruel and oppressive Castro dictatorship

A letter to the editors of The Wichita Eagle:

Cruel Cuba

January 1 marks the 60th anniversary of the socialist dictatorship in Cuba.

Free elections have not been held during this time. Only one political party is allowed – the Communist Party. The new “constitution” gives citizens the right to harm or kill offenders if they challenge the status quo.

The state owns and controls newspapers, television and radio. Internet is not available to the average Cuban. All economic activity is controlled by the state and there is very little “private” enterprise.

Cuba was one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America prior to 1959, despite a history of political instability. The mortality rate was third lowest in the world, lower than the U.S. Cuba was second in Latin America in average number of doctors per capita.

In 1958, Cuba ranked eighth in the world in salaries paid to industrial workers with the lowest unemployment rate in Latin America. Cuba had the highest budget for education in Latin America. There were hundreds of private schools and six private and public universities.

The thousands of old cars? They were new in pre-Castro Cuba.

This is a cruel and oppressive state. A socialist dictatorship was not the answer to our political and social problems.

Gus Campuzano, Wichita